Five Reasons Why Denver Should Pass on Michael Vick

Ryan AyarsCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - AUGUST 27:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick speaks to reporters at the Omni Richmond Hotel after agreeing to a guilty plea on charges stemming from his involvement in a dogfighting ring August 27, 2007, in Richmond, Virginia.  (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation on Michael Vick.  What will he be doing this year?  Will he play football?  Where will he play football?  Should teams take a gamble on him?  I have gathered five of the major reasons, in my opinion, why Vick should not be a Bronco...ever.


He is unpredictable

Vick is unpredictable on the field and in his personal life.  For me, all of this dog fighting stuff took me by surprise. Throughout his NFL career, Vick managed to stay out of big trouble.  Other than a lame drug charge, in which the drugs probably belonged to one of his many "friends,"  I thought Vick would stay out of trouble his whole career and annoy defensive coordinators, until he was too old to run. 

But then all of the problems surfaced.  How long was he involved in dog fighting?  What else was he doing that we don't know about? Who are these "friends" he's running around with?  Vick would really have to change his way of life  to gain trust from any organization.

On the Field, Vick is a run-first quarterback with a huge upside, but most coordinators aren't going to want a quarterback on the field that they can't control.  The Atlanta coordinators basically let Vick run free.  They give him a formation and he does what he thinks is right.  This is not efficient and will not win your club championships. 

Vick reminds me of a compulsive gambler. They lose 70 percent of the time, but that 30 percent of wins are so sweet, they keep gambling until they are out of money.

Vick Is Not a Good Quarterback 

Sure he can run, but what about the passing game?  NFL defenses are just to good to let a one-trick pony own them over and over again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Vick has a career quarterback rating of 75.7.  That's way below they rating average of starting quarterbacks in the NFL. 

What happens when defenses start loading the box?  The quarterback has to throw, right?  That sounds to me like a fourth down waiting to happen.  I would just not feel comfortable letting a quarterback of Vick's caliber lead my team.


He Is a Fumbler

Rushing is his strength, but it isn't a good idea to drop the ball.  Vick coughed up the ball 55 times in 74 games.  Yes, he only lost 27, but geez.  Turnovers negate any good play that you execute.  Much like we saw in the Broncos offense of last year, it makes no difference if you run 80 yards down the field, if you fumble at the goal line.  A playmaker's job is to take care of the rock.  The statistics don't lie: Vick has butter fingers. 


He is passed his prime.

At 29 years old, Vick should have dropped his rushing attack for a more comfortable pocket passing attack.  John Elway, known for his ability to take off on the run, only had about three rushing attempts per game. If he, a star player, had rushed seven times per game like Vick, he would not have lasted 16 seasons. 

Scrambling quarterbacks rely on their athleticism early on in their careers, to save themselves on third down.  As a quarterback matures, they get slower and are more prone to injury.  At almost 30 years old, Vick's passing game should be efficient enough, so that he doesn't have to run to make plays.  If Vick comes back to play football, he won't last very long rushing seven to eight times a game. 


PETA, the Boulder Chapter

I'm a dog lover, but PETA takes animal-loving very seriously.  Atlanta may have a strong PETA following, but Boulder, Colorado proudly houses the militant wing of PETA.  Concerning Vick's legal troubles, I could see the picketing and the call for boycotts quite menacing.  Broncos fans don't need politics involved in football.  Like church and state, keep the two separate.

Vick is a great athlete, but as far as becoming a Denver Bronco, I really see no reason to take the gamble on him.  The Broncos have enough good athletes on their team, that they don't need a specialist player like Vick on their roster.  If they wanted a specialist player, they should have kept fan favorite Bradlee Van Pelt.