Troy Smith over Michael Vick: Why the Former Buckeye Is the Better Choice

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Troy Smith over Michael Vick: Why the Former Buckeye Is the Better Choice
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Everyone keeps wondering what's going to happen to Michael Vick. Where will he go, will he get reinstated, will he be any good?


But no one has stopped to think about other talent in the league.


In order to get Michael Vick, you have to go through leaps and bounds. The decision will be controversial for the host city, and if it is a losing program, they will certainly lose some fans.


What if they can make a sacrifice and not have all these questions? Wouldn’t that be a lot more simple?


There’s a quarterback in Baltimore with exceptional talent and great ability to win wherever he goes, and his name is Troy Smith.


As of this season, the Ravens haven’t been using the “Suggs Package” a whole lot. They didn’t use it when it could have won them a playoff game and put them in the Super Bowl.


For those who don't know the Suggs Package is the Raven's version of the wildcat, which was named after Terrelle Suggs after he made the statement that Troy Smith should start.


Baltimore is not using their talented former Heisman Trophy player the way they should, and he could be a starter in the National Football League.


Smith proved that when he beat Pittsburgh his rookie year. There have only been two games that he’s come in that they haven’t won. One Smith started against Seattle when they were crushed, and they gave Miami their only win of the season because they didn’t put Smith in earlier.


With Vick you have a great player, but there are so many issues in getting him. Vick has been the quarterback who hasn’t proven that he can just drop back and throw and relies on scrambling and throwing outside of the pocket.


That method has worked, but now defensive players are way to fast to do that.


Smith won the Heisman with his arm and the fact that he gets it done. If you surround him with the right amount of talent he will be a great offensive weapon.


I do think Baltimore would give Smith up if a team gives them something they need. They have been consistently bringing new backup quarterbacks for competition, but Smith has been beating them out.


Everyone has to remember if Smith would not have gotten sick with his tonsil infection he would have been the starter—not Joe Flacco.


I have no doubt that the Ravens would be in the same position they were in last season. It wasn’t Flacco who took them to the AFC Championship, but rather the defense.


When you look at Vick and Smith, comparing them they have similar traits. Both are 6', which experts said would be a “knock” on Smith’s ability. It hasn't been.


They are both out of the pocket throwers, both have strong arms, and both have shown that they are winners.


But, if you are looking for a starting quarterback, it has to be Smith. He’s young and a big leader for any team he’s with. He’s a great character person, which is rare in the NFL or any professional sport for that matter.


The biggest thing he doesn’t carry with him is extra baggage. Unless someone trades their starting quarterback for Smith there’s going to be tons of controversy around selecting him.


He was suspended for a game or two his sophomore year for accepting money from a booster, but that's far from dog fighting.


Smith would be a great addition to a team like Minnesota or San Francisco who is struggling at the quarterback position or need competition. In a quarterback competition I’m almost certain that Smith can come out on top because he has everything a coach looks for in a player.


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