Kelly Gregg Talks About Knee Surgery, His Athleticism, and Brock Lesnar

Travis TimmonsContributor IMay 22, 2009

BALTIMORE - 2008:  Kelly Gregg of the Baltimore Ravens poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Baltimore, Maryland.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Kelly Gregg interview questions.

Do you think you will be 100 percent for the upcoming season after having microfracture surgery?

Is it possible that you will be even stronger or quicker than you were before considering you were playing in so much pain?

Who is the toughest offensive lineman you have faced off against and why?

Guys like you and Haloti Ngata seem to be redefining how the defensive tackle position is being played with more athleticism at the spot than ever before. After all, Ngata played rugby, and you excelled at wrestling. Do you see that as a new trend? Will future defensive tackles be required to have a bit of finesse and athleticism?

You have played in NFL Europe. What kind of experience did you get from playing there in the off season and how has it improved your game?

Which Ravens defense do you think has been the best in your time with the team?

Did you learn a lot from Pro Bowlers Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa in the 2000 season?  
What concerns do you have with Rex Ryan no longer coaching the Ravens defense?

The Ravens will obviously miss defensive coordinator now that he’s the head coach for the Jets. Are you excited about what Greg Mattison brings to the position? Why or why not?

You have always had to prove to those around you that you are man for the job. Are you concerned at all that Greg Mattison might not see the same value in you as a player that Rex Ryan had?

Who would you name as the best defensive player in the league if you couldn’t pick someone from the Ravens and why?

If you could bury any current quarterback with a bone-jarring sack, who would it be and why?

Do you think your wrestling career has helped you with football? Would you recommend it to the youngsters trying to make it?

There's a rumor going around that says you could take on Ultimate Fighting Champion Brock Lesnar. How did this come about? If you were to fight him, what would the event be called? Buddy Lee versus Brock Lesnar? Would you whisper in Lesnar's ear just before bending his knee into an unnatural position "here comes the pain?"