NFL Draft Needs: New England Patriots

Joe WillettSenior Writer IApril 16, 2008

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New England Patriots

This is a prime example of the rich getting richer.  They get hit by spy-gate and have their first round pick taken away from them. 

I guess the NFL thought that would be punishment even though they already had a 1st round pick from another team through trade.

Now, the Patriots punishment has them picking at #7 instead of #7 and #31, they have got to be bummed.

But on to the Pats historic season.  They were the first team to go 16-0 and were a few minutes away from going the perfect 19-0. 

They also tied the most wins in a season including playoffs, along with multiple other offensive and personal records and rewards.

However, this team needs to make a huge decision in this draft.  They lost Pro Bowl CB Asante Samuel along with fellow CB Randall Gay and safety Eugene Wilson.

The linebacker and offensive line corps are both showing signs of age and they need to start finding youth before they are stuck with the players they have and have can't find younger guys on the market.

So who do you draft when you spent the previous season nearly perfect?

Possible Draft Directions

The Pats need to add somebody at corner.  Although they signed several corners in free agency, none of them are the answer to their problems.

I think that they could fix this need immediately with the 7th pick.  Leodis McKelvin could help fix that, I'm not exactly sure that he is the #1 that they seek, but he could be a pivital part to helping that position.

The offensive line problem is mostly with depth.  They don't need somebody to start right now, so they will probably wait till the 2nd or 3rd round to grab somebody that can give relief to the starters now, and start in a few years.

The linebacker position basically has the same problems as the offensive line, age.  So instead of re-writing everything again, you can re-read the previous paragraph if you would like.

After losing Eugene Wilson, they need a replacement.  But safety isn't a first round draft pick, especially this early in the first round, unless you are drafting Sean Taylor or Ed Reed.

Maybe a 2nd round pick would be best for that spot.

Bill Belichick has been known to trade down and stock up draft picks.  He could potentially trade down, fix the CB and S needs, then grab a ton of players that will be ready in a few years when the current starters are too old.

The Patriots will probably have the most confusing and exciting draft day of any team, and I look forward to seeing what this team does.

For now, we will have to wait for my next draft needs article for the Baltimore Ravens, probably tomorrow, Friday at the latest.

I'm Joe W.