WWE Battleground 2013 Results: 3 Losers Who Won Big

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2013

WWE Battleground 2013 Results: 3 Losers Who Won Big

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    Battleground may have produced the biggest amount of losers out of every event this year for the company.

    Many fans lost out on a good night of wrestling and not just because of the subpar performances.

    Quite literally, the WWE Universe lost out on several minutes worth of the event due to technical difficulties.

    Between a lack of excitement heading into this event (which could result in poor buyrates to begin with), as well as the potential for disappointed people asking for refunds, WWE might be losing out on a lot of money.

    Bad reviews are spreading online and morale is probably going to be quite low going into tomorrow night's episode of Monday Night Raw, so things aren't looking so great for Hell in a Cell.

    Nonetheless, we can't devote all of our attention to the negative criticism.

    There were far too many checks in the loss column for Battleground, but not every loss was completely devoid of something positive coming out of it.

    As we've done many times before, it's time for us to try to be a little optimistic and take a look at some of the losers of the evening who were able to obtain something good, however minuscule it may be.

Brie Bella

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    AJ Lee may have retained the Divas Championship, but Brie Bella was still able to walk out of Battleground with something positive.

    WWE has been putting very little effort into her recent babyface turn, to the point where a lot of people were confused as to whether or not the Bella Twins actually had turned or if they were still heels.

    After tonight's match, it's clear and obvious to the WWE Universe that Nikki and Brie are now supposed to be cheered.

    Not only did Brie showcase no cheating (such as the "twin magic" switch), but she was also the victim of interference from Tamina.

    This helps her look like she could have potentially won the match, keeping her strong, but it also plays up the sympathy for her character, which will allow audiences to finally get on board with her new role as a fan favorite.

    Brie's stock in WWE has gone up even more, despite not holding the title.

The Shield

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    On an event riddled with problems, The Shield managed to escape nearly everything that went wrong with the other matches of the night, including botches, technical difficulties and horrible booking that could have hindered their success.

    Sure, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns did in fact lose their match against Cody Rhodes and Goldust, but they put on perhaps the best performance of the night.

    This was essentially a no-win situation for The Shield and it was pretty obvious that the outcome would result in the Rhodes family as the victors.

    Despite that, it was up to Rollins and Reigns to still put on a good show, which they pulled off.

    Many wrestlers that lost on this event took the fall in such a way that they look worse off than they did before the pay-per-view started. The Shield didn't succumb to that degradation.

    Putting up a good fight against Cody and Goldust, but coming up short, does not make The Shield look weak.

    One of their members, Dean Ambrose, even avoided taking a loss entirely, as WWE neglected to put him on the card in any capacity.

    There were only two matches that had memorable moments to them, and with this being one of them, The Shield can take pride in knowing that they didn't mess up as badly as many of their coworkers.

    Rollins and Reigns did exactly what they were supposed to do—put over the Rhodes family without looking like idiots.

    In doing so, they made this match a diamond in the rough.

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton

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    Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton were in such an odd position for Battleground that the mere fact their match was solid before the booking decisions came into play is enough of a win to put them on this list.

    WWE's insistence on having two pay-per-views so close to each other ended up forcing the members of the creative team to paint themselves into a corner.

    If Orton wins the title and retains at Hell in a Cell, Bryan looks like a fool, losing twice after having the title taken away from him two times.

    If Bryan wins here, Orton looks weak from his previous loss.

    Even if Orton wins it back at Hell in a Cell, it'll just cause arguments that WWE is playing hot potato with the title.

    Do you give them a gimmick to spice things up and risk cheapening their upcoming Hell in a Cell match, or do you let this one suffer and hope that it isn't just a boring rehash of what we've already seen?

    On top of that, the energy of the event was awful leading into this, as technical difficulties and some terrible preceding matches gave these two performers no momentum to work with.

    Bryan and Orton had to go into this uphill battle knowing that the ending would upset the fans and make them feel as though the whole match was pointless.

    We may be complaining, saying that this event looked more like an episode of Raw than something worth spending your money on, but Bryan and Orton made the best out of a bad situation.

    When you boil it down, those two put on a decent match that was ruined with booking decisions outside of their control and neither man looks bad from the outcome.

    Now, Hell in a Cell has a reason to exist and this feud has a means to an end.

    Bryan and Orton both lost this match and are both going to be taking some heat from WWE's booking decision, but in the end their feud will be better off with this outcome than something else.

    Don't get me wrong. This is not a positive success that WWE should be proud of, which is a shame as every event should be something great.

    Instead, this is a win simply because it avoided being a much bigger failure. In a way, it's like being happy with a punch to the face as opposed to a gunshot wound.

    What are your thoughts on this event? Which losers can brush this off and take something good out of it?

    Do you think the WWE Universe ended up being the biggest losers of the night, but we could end up getting a better Hell in a Cell as a result?

    Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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