WWE Battleground 2013 Results: Bryan-Orton Finish Was a Giant Letdown

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton submitted a wrestling gem and strong in-ring match in WWE Battleground's main event. Their efforts made the schmoz finish even more maddening, compromising a beautiful work of art.

Given the instant reaction on Twitter, some fans may have preferred the worldwide technical difficulty as a finish.

With a back-and-forth match looking to crown a new WWE champion, Battleground went off the air just as Raw did following WWE Night of Championswith no WWE champion. 

The signs were already damning for Battleground's buyrate, but one of the few bright spots coming in was that a new champion was expected to be crowned by the end of the night. 

The Bryan-Orton feud may have run its course after another disappointing finish. (From WWE.com)
The Bryan-Orton feud may have run its course after another disappointing finish. (From WWE.com)

Sweet T Tensai dangled that piece of meat in front of the WWE universe during an expert panel before the event, noting that no title had changed hands, but we would be seeing a new WWE champion. 

Instead, the match ended with Big Show turning heel, then face in the same night. Embattled referee Scott Armstrong, Bryan and Orton were all victims of Show's KO punch and Battleground signed off in abeyance. 

WWE is clearly stretching the Bryan-Orton saga to a final match at Hell in a Cell. To its credit, this will be a main event match worthy of the gimmick cage match and will not feel like WWE forcing the issue just to appease its pay-per-view theme.

A Hell in a Cell match would hinder the very outside interference that caused Battleground to end without resolution while finally crowning a new WWE champion.

Unfortunately, fans may lose all interest in Bryan-Orton by the time WWE gets there. 

This feud hasn't exactly been a smooth exercise in PR. When we last left our combatants on pay-per-view, Cox Communications was kindly dishing out refunds to customers who complained about Bryan being stripped of the WWE Championship. 

This time around, a pay-per-view intended to provide resolution to WWE's most important championship ended with more questions than answers. 

Judging by the crowd reaction, the Rhodes family saga is the most over WWE storyline at the moment and the WWE knows it.

The Authority—WWE's new name for the power couple of Stephanie and Triple H—has all but discarded both Bryan and Orton in favor of tormenting the Rhodes. Dustin, Dusty and Cody figure to become targets of the authority after showing up the McMahons per the storyline. 

The unresolved WWE title issue will command the attention of Triple H and Stephanie, which will once again position the Orton-Bryan rivalry as a main event entity.

But with the momentum firmly with the Rhodes and yet another disappointing plot twist to the WWE championship storyline, it wouldn't be a surprise to see one or both of the Rhodes brothers inserted into the WWE title picture. 


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