Matt Hardy and Reby Sky Wedding: Attendees, Photos, Details for Former WWE Star

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2013

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Matt Hardy may not be in the WWE anymore, but the legacy he left with the company, his presence on social media and his work on the independent scene have kept him relevant in the minds of wrestling fans over the years.

On Saturday, Hardy married model and long-time girlfriend Reby Sky at an undisclosed location in North Carolina, according to the wedding site published by the couple. Hardy’s joy on the day of the event came through his Twitter account before the ceremony:

Hardy and Sky made the wedding social media friendly, asking guests to post pictures of the ceremony and hashtag them. The duo chose a secluded spot in the woods, and played up the fact with a funny sign leading into the event:

Over his time in the business, Hardy has made plenty of friends that came out to support him. Matt posted a picture of himself standing with his groomsmen, including his brother Jeff Hardy (current TNA wrestler) and his friend Gregory Helms (former WWE Superstar):

ECW and indy wrestling legend Steve Corino was also in attendance, tweeting out a photo of himself looking as dressed up as wrestling fans could have expected. Corino wasn’t alone, though, as former WWE Superstar MVP also sent a photo from the event:

Sky herself shared a great picture of the actual exchanging of the vows, revealing the woods behind the duo and the unique setup of the ceremony:

Former world heavyweight champion Jack Swagger shared his excitement with Hardy and Sky:

The couple was together for a year and a half before getting engaged this April, according to the wedding site. While Hardy has faced his fair share of trouble over the years, he has straightened his life out since going out with Sky and he has reinvented his wrestling career.

People will say that being in a long-term relationship can change a person, and in Hardy’s case it appears he has changed for the better.

After such a beautiful ceremony, wrestling fans should wish both Hardy and Sky the best on their marriage.


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