No More Major League Pitching For Trent Edwards of The Buffalo Bills.

Lance BlackwaterCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

Was anyone else watching when Trent Edwards of the Buffalo Bills threw out the opening pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays game against the New York Yankees last Thursday?

I didn't have the misfortune to see it live, but did see it rebroadcast a few times and even though it was thouroughly entertaining, it kind of made me cringe thinking that this was the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills - My Team!

For those of you who haven't seen it, let me see if I can try to explain it to you.

Trent coolly stepped up to the mound as the crowd at Rogers Centre cheered in anticipation of the opening pitch. He does an abbreviated wind up and lets the ball go.

As soon as the ball leaves his hand, it is obvious that this 'pitch' (I'm using the term pitch loosely) is going to be extremely wild...mind you that this is coming from a man that makes a living throwing a football with pinpoint accuracy!

The baseball sailed wide by about 8 feet. He threw a baseball 8 feet wide on a 60 feet throw...or to put it in football terms missed a wide open Terrell Owens in the end zone on a 20 yard toss that sails for an interception.

Holy moly...let's hope that his well calibrated football throwing arm isn't anything like his poorly tuned baseball pitching arm.

I am sorry Trent, but my 40-something non-NFL arm could put a baseball somewhere close to the strike least 5' close!

Hopefully Trent works this thing out before the Bills season opener, and he improves his accuracy or T.O. won't be the only raging maniac in Buffalo.

Bills fans, at least take solice in this fact: Trent Edwards won't be leaving the NFL anytime soon to test his hand at being a big league pitcher.