Apparently Polar Bears Are Dribbling Balls Underwater Now

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 3, 2013

With the build of a 2010 Eddy Curry and the slow, laboring dribbling method of Metta World Peace, this polar bear is about to blow up the Internet.  

It seems the good people over at SportsGrid spotted a video of a polar bear dribbling a ball underwater and decided that people might be interested in such things.

We are. 

In fact, you can go ahead and stick dribbling polar bears next to driving dogs, streaking squirrels and dunking babies on the list of things that are awesome. 

We carefully left out cats that are horrible. 

Now, we don't have much in the way of behind-the-scenes information other than what we find in the YouTube description, which is hardly any help. 

But really, the only info I need is there is a video of a polar bear dribbling and generally playing with a ball for a couple of minutes, and I'm there.

However, we have some serious business at hand. You do all remember the slam-dunking sea otter, right? 

This Underwater Dribbling Polar Bear vs. the Dunking Sea Otter: Who you got?

You didn't know that your day would feature a very serious debate of the basketball talents of a polar bear versus a sea otter.

I'm going with sea otter in this one. With quickness and deft movement, he would be like Kobe Bryant slipping past a loafing Chris Kaman—if this polar bear version of an NBA big man didn't eat him first, of course.   

But please, leave your completely serious takes in the comments section below.  

And now I'm only slightly mad, because my own trips to the zoo feature long walks while I watch animals sleep all day. In fact, I'm lucky if I see an elephant blink any time I head off to the local zoo. Yet this guy gets a Harlem Globetrotters polar bear exhibition out of nowhere.  

Really, the only surprising thing about this video is its lack of Yao Ming, because adorable moments are kind of his deal. 


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