San Francisco 49ers One Step Closer to New Stadium in Santa Clara

S LCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

On Tuesday night, Santa Clara officials signed a deal that would allow the 49ers to play their home games in a new 68,500-seat stadium next to Great America.

Santa Clara residents will then have a vote to approve the new stadium. If passed, the 49ers will soon move out of a San Francisco to play in Santa Clara. The voting period may come in March.

If all goes smoothly, the team could move to their stadium in time for the 2014 season. However, the $854 million stadium will only receive $90 million from the city and possibly little-to-no support from the NFL financially.

Earlier this year, the 49ers and Raiders were entertaining the idea of possibly sharing a stadium in the future. But now it looks like the 49ers will have to get a new stadium all on their own. The hardest part about this would be the financial aspect of it.

Most times, a city will fund more money and the NFL usually would help out in some capacity. But in order to accumulate $854 million for the stadium, the 49ers have to convince the public that they can fund that kind of investment.

Even though a new stadium would be great for the team, I still don't like the idea that the team would be moving out of the city in which they represent. The 49ers have always been "San Francisco" to me and anything different wouldn't feel right.

Obviously, there are some positives about the move. Aside from a new stadium, the team can generate more revenue with the new stadium. The travel there (distance and public transportation) will be a little more difficult for some fans, but that's something that the team has to figure out. But for some fans, the new location makes it easier for them to get to the game.

But come March, or whenever they decide to vote on the new stadium, I would hope that it doesn't pass. I'm old school and I think that if the team cannot play in San Francisco, then a new stadium isn't something I want. I just feel that the team should remain in San Francisco.

However, there are so many positives that come with the new stadium. As much as The 'Stick has been such a great place for the 49ers, a new stadium is definitely a need. And besides, the stadium is much closer to my home in San Jose.

I guess my only real reason in not wanting the move is my hope that the team would always be in San Francisco. But times have changed. Not many teams play in the city they represent. The team has been working to find a new stadium and the best fit is in Santa Clara.

So we'll see come voting time. Let's see where the new team will end up playing.