Crazy Ways Athletes Have Tried to Cheat

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2013

Crazy Ways Athletes Have Tried to Cheat

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    Though it ruins everything beautiful and whole about sports, as we've all seen before, cheating unfortunately happens.

    While no one ever actually wants to be labeled a cheater in anything they do, some athletes don't seem to mind, as they find different methods of trying to pull a fast one to gain an advantage.

    Besides guys just pumping performance enhancing drugs or "unknowingly" taking illegal substances, here are some other pretty crazy ways some players have tried cheating the system.

Fake Getting Hit

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    Hopefully we all remember this one from earlier this year, but if you've forgotten about it, let me refresh your memory.

    During a season in which the Chicago Cubs did few things right, center fielder Julio Borbon showed that he definitely didn't have the best acting skills on the team, having a delayed reaction after, supposedly, taking a ball off his foot.

    I hope this whole baseball thing works out for this dude, because a career in Hollywood definitely isn't in his future.

Purposely Crash

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    I've heard of guys taking a fall or leaning into a pitch before, but I'm not sure I've ever seen someone actually volunteer to crash a race car going close to 200 miles per hour in order to have a teammate win.

    That was the claim, however, at this year's Federated Auto Parts 400, where drivers, Clint Bowyer and Brian Vickers had fingers pointed their way for diverting a plan in order to have teammates Martin Truex, Jr. and Joey Logano finish high enough to get into the final Sprint Cup Standings.

    I mean, I know winning is everything to some people, but good lord, this is just nuts in my opinion.


Send in an Imposter

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    I know, this isn't technically an athlete who cheats to win a game, but because the guy who did toss his body in front of the goal to make not one, not two, but three different saves—without using his hands and sticking to the rules, mind you—it's hard not to recognize him.

    In a match between Brazilian fourth-division clubs Tupi and Aparecidense locked in a 2-2 draw, Aparecidense team masseuse, Romildo da Silva, flung himself between the pipes to prevent a deciding goal to keep his team in a draw.

    As you can see from the video, he was quick-witted in both saving the shot and fleeing the scene. But when they finally did catch up to him, the league suspended him for 24 matches and fined him about $240, while also advancing the opposing team, Tupi, to the quarterfinals of this tournament.

Use the Elements

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    With a nickname like "Sly," one would think to be a little wary about former jockey Sylvester Carmouche's ways of winning a horse race—especially at 23-1 odds.

    You see, back in 1990, this guy was actually ballsy enough to use Mother Nature to his advantage in a foggy December race, as he waited for the rest of the pack to run off into the fog, stopping his horse and waiting for the others to come back around behind him and speed off for the win.

    It wasn't until the other racers called "foul," saying they had never actually seen "Sly" pass them on the track.

    For his bologna, Carmouche received a 10-year ban, getting reinstated after eight.

Fake a Disability

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    While the video clip above might just be from the movie The Ringer, in which actor/wild man, Johnny Knoxville, fakes a mental handicap to participate in the Special Olympics, would you believe that a real sports team actually did this once?

    Yep, back in 2000 at the Paralympic Games, our amigos from Spain had a whopping 10 of its 12 players fake as if they had a handicap in order to win the tournament.

    Turns out the players just sucked enough to not make the actual Olympic team, and consequently, got busted by being disqualified and getting their gold medals stripped.

Steal Opponent Signals

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    While baseball teams/players have attempted to try to steal signs from opposing players for years, it was always just an unwritten code in the game, and something that was never talked about.

    When the New England Patriots—arguably the most successful NFL team since the turn of the century—got busted videotaping the Jets in 2007 though, it created a whirlwind in the sporting world, putting doubt in many fans' heads as to how legit the team's previous three Super Bowl wins were.

    The Pats—and head coach Bill Belichick—got a hefty fine from the league, and, to my knowledge, have at least been smart enough to hide any videotaping since.

Take Women's Fertility Drugs

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    Most of us know what it means when someone says that former major leaguer, Manny Ramirez, was just "Manny Being Manny," as he's done a ton of crazy things over the years.

    But when it was discovered that he had actually been caught using a women's fertility drug to help build up testosterone, it was no laughing matter.

    Ramirez has the distinction of not getting caught just once, but for actually getting busted twice—as he got his suspension increased to 100 games in 2011 after signing with the Rays, which, before a last ditch effort the past couple seasons, forced him to retire.

Catch a Ride

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    In what might be one of the most famous—yet clever—instances of cheating that sports has ever seen, 1980 Boston Marathon runner, Rosie Ruiz, seemingly came across the finish before any other woman, nearly in a record time.

    Appearing as if she didn't actually just run 26.2 miles though, race officials were a little confused, questioning the validity of her two hours, thirty-one minutes and fifty-six second completion of the course.

    With no one ever seeing Ruiz on the course, people became even more overwhelmed. Was she simply so fast that eyes couldn't keep up with her?

    No, not at all.

    Turns out ol' Rosie didn't jump into the race until the last half-mile or so, sprinting the remaining route towards the finish line, and, later admitting, that she got around the city via the Subway.

    Naturally, she wasn't acknowledged as the winner after that.

Use the Whizzinator

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    Many of you have probably heard of the famous Whizzinator device—a fake penis designed to hold clean urine in an attached bag to help pass drug tests—thanks to former NFL running back, Onterrio Smith, being caught with one back in 2005.

    But even after the joke was on Smith for actually using one, the message didn't come across clear enough, as Italian runner, Devis Licciardi, was found hiding his sausage in one just a few weeks ago.

Fix Matches

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    Referred to as simply 'Calciopoli' in Italy, the 2006 match-fixing scandal in the top Italian division, Serie A, is one that shook the soccer world.

    With five clubs involved in swaying the decisions of referees in the super clubs' favor, punishments were dished out to five teams—AC Milan, Fiorentina, Juventus, Lazio and Reggina.

    Juventus—league champ in '05 and '06—may have received the harshest of penalties, as they were stripped of their two most recent titles, were kept out of the Champions League that season and relegated to Serie B, a lower division.