Revisiting Dave Krieg: A Historical Portrait

Brad JamesCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

11 Nov 1990: Quarterback Dave Krieg of the Seattle Seahawks passes the ball during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Seahawks won the game, 17-16.

Fellow Bleacher Reporters, I just had an amazing revelation!

I thought I'd show everyone the work I've done in my limited scope as an NFL historian by writing an article on one of the more underrated signal callers in league annals in Dave Krieg.

The man was brilliant in 12 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks; in the ultra-cool metallic silver and blue Seattle once wore, he set franchise records that still stand with 26,132 career passing yards and 195 touchdowns.

Obviously, current Redskins head coach Jim Zorn was the first great quarterback in Seahawks history, but Krieg, the unheralded product out of Milton, took signal-calling excellence to a new level in the Pacific Northwest by making miraculous things happen.

Even as a Broncos fan growing up in south central Utah, every Sunday, I did enjoy watching the Seahawks because I knew that Krieg was apt to do something special.

My most endearing memory of him is when he helped the Seahawks reverse a string of futility at Kansas City in 1990, where Seattle had not won in 10 years.

In this game, Krieg led the Seahawks to a 17-16 win at Arrowhead Stadium with plenty of dramatic flair.

In the closing seconds, Kansas City was nursing a 16-10 lead when the late, soon to be inducted Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas was ready to add to his newly established NFL record by getting his eighth sack of the game.

However, Krieg had other ideas as he eluded Thomas and found Paul Skansi for one of the more thrilling touchdowns in league history.

Krieg may not have been flashy all the time, but he knew how to get the job done, and as many NFL analysts bemoan the mediocre quarterback play that is prevalent through much of the league today, Krieg looks all the better as the years pass on.

Of course, Krieg was not done after his stint with the Seahawks, as he became a mentor/journeyman to other quarterbacks with the Chiefs, Lions, Cardinals, Bears, and Oilers.

I, for one, believe Krieg deserves a shot at the Hall of Fame, but please weigh in with your comments, and thanks for reading!