Dear Michael Vick: When You Were Good, You Were the Best We Had

Philip SpeakeCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2017

I am not particularly an Atlanta Falcons fan, a Virginia Tech fan or a dogfighting fan. But I am a fan of the NFL. I am also a fan of college football. This allows for every weekend I spend to be filled with countless hours watching football on television.
And for the record, I loved watching Michael Vick play ball.

We all remember the 2000 Sugar Bowl against Florida State where he almost defeated Peter Warrick and co. by himself. Or his third place finish as a freshman in the Heisman voting that year. The man was electric, better than Reggie Bush arguably.

He put Virginia Tech back on the map.

Once he got to the NFL it was more of the same. He brought the Falcons within a game of the Super Bowl in the 2005 playoffs. However the best part of that year might have been those “Michael Vick Experience” ads that came to our television sets each and every weekend.

Now Vick is facing obstacles much more intimidating than opposing defenders. He is facing his own personal demons, as he tries to revitalize his career and life after prison.

All human beings make mistakes, we make wrong decisions, and regret things we have done.

What defines a real mans character and story is how he fights back and picks himself up during the toughest times.

When the world is against you how do you respond to adversity?

The verdict is still out there on how Michael Vick's career will pan out.

I heard an analyst say today that he’s definitely one of the best 64 quarterbacks in the league. I agree, and in fact, I think we all do.

Vick will get his chance of redemption; I just hope he takes full advantage of it. This is probably his only chance—he is not getting any younger and his ability to play quarterback has been questioned since day one.

On behalf of all football fans, please Michael Vick, put the past behind you and remind everyone why it is you got picked no. one overall in the NFL draft.

You have an opportunity for a precedent to be set, Josh Hamilton overcame drug problems to become an All-Star in baseball. Jamal Lewis had a Pro Bowl season with the Cleveland Browns after being incarcerated.

A few more Pro Bowls and 65 yard rushing touchdowns are a reasonable request, so redeem yourself for all that has happened.