Jon Gruden Is Just Passing Time On MNF

Al's WingmanAnalyst IMay 20, 2009

Jon Gruden can be a well-spoken guy when he wants to, though his real strength is in coaching, cutting up film, and analyzing game plans.

Many would debate his diplomacy skills, but there is no doubt he knows how to deal with the big egos of overpaid professional athletes.  His very nature demands that he be in the thick of the action—in command of a football team and telling his players exactly what he thinks.

Gruden's a guy that has spent his entire life focused on being competitive.  That's why the cushy job of being a broadcast announcer makes no sense.

He’s done a fair job as an analyst so far because he’s so knowledgeable about the game and has some political savvy in knowing what to say and how to say it publicly.

As a locker room voice, he is much different of course.

How long can he expect to keep his burning desire to coach again disguised by a suit and tie with a television embroidered logo?

Anyone can do that job, as proven by the nobodies they serve up on ESPN and the stuttering fools on the NFL Network.  John Madden is proof that anyone who’s ever held a beer can in his hand can get the job done.  Al Michaels?  Please, the only reason anyone would think he is tolerable is because our minds are deadened to his drone after so long hearing him on the air.

How anyone can stand Bob Costas, Chris Collingsworth, or Dan Patrick (who looks like he is David Letterman's evil twin) is ridiculous.  Those guys make me want to stick a fork in someone’s eye.  Let's not even bring up that sack of wind that is Chris Berman.

It’s obvious to me that Jon Gruden’s intention is just to stay around the NFL.   Television executives, or whoever makes the decisions as to who to hire Monday Night Football analysts, must have made this a one year deal only.  If not they are dumb in thinking Gruden will stick around past a single season.

Jon will land another NFL coaching job next season or he will at least be considered for any openings.  Due to the timing of how things went down at Tampa Bay, it would have been a stretch for him to have landed another NFL head coaching job (though if he chose to, he could have caught on as an offensive coordinator or QB coach).

Jon could have landed a college position as well.  If his motivation was there, he could also have taken a high school coaching job just to stay active until something else opened up (as it did for guys like Rick Neuheisel for example).

Nope, Jon is a politician and a shark, circling the pond waiting for his next chance to pounce.  He apparently really wants to talk shop at pro football’s highest level but to me, this is just a way for him to pass time.

He’ll be back.  Maybe the Broncos will make short work of Josh McDaniels and Jon will return to the AFC West to menace the Raiders.  I’m sure Denver fans would be thrilled to have a guy like Gruden to get things going again for them.

NFL teams turn over coaches all the time.  Jon Gruden will be back in the mix soon enough (not with the Raiders so forget it).