Latest Updates on John Cena and Sheamus' Recovery from Injury for Sept. 30

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 30, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Sheamus remains on track and John Cena continues to promise to return even stronger.

Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and CM Punk have stepped deeper into the spotlight with those two WWE Superstars out of action. Cena is recovering from elbow surgery after Dr. James Andrews attended to the former WWE champ's distended elbow and Sheamus underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

Their fans anxiously wait for their heroes to be at full strength and kicking butt once more.

Earlier this month, Bryan Alvarez of (subscribers only), reported that the planned return date for both Cena and Sheamus was Royal Rumble 2014. All signs point to that staying true for Sheamus while Cena's drive makes it seem possible that he will beat out that date., via, reiterated Sheamus' reported return date, stating that "the tentative time frame looks to be around the time of the Royal Rumble ppv."

Could Sheamus win his second Royal Rumble? (Photo: WWE)
Could Sheamus win his second Royal Rumble? (Photo: WWE)

There have been no reported setbacks for Sheamus, so this is no surprise. The more interesting part of the report, though, is WWE's possible plans for how present "The Celtic Warrior" once he is back.

According to the above report, "There has been backstage talk in WWE of having Sheamus return as a heel once he is back from injury."

With Bryan and Punk serving as top-level babyfaces, perhaps the company believes it needs some more star power on the dark side. The top rungs of the fan favorites ladder will be even more crowded once Cena returns.

One has to wonder if Sheamus' recent series of cryptic tweets are somehow related to the possible shift in his character.

Sheamus has recently been tweeting puzzling messages like this one, leading to both speculation and confusion.

Deciphering this code could reveal Sheamus speaking to when and how he returns. The messages could just as likely simply be a sign of boredom. The transition from wrestling several times to week to watching the action from the bench has to be difficult.

The difficulty of that change has been obvious to those following Cena's social media updates.

Along with positive messages and updates of how hard he is working, there's a palpable restlessness in Cena's tweets. The following message contains all of the above.

The tone of this sounds like a man not willing to settle for returning in January. Much in the way that Kobe Bryant is said to be shattering his return timetable, Cena appears willing to do everything he can to outdo expectations regarding when he'll be back.

After being unable to move his left arm a month ago, Cena is now working on regaining strength in the limb.

On Sept. 15, Cena posted a video of him lifting a barbell with a few weights. Two weeks later, he asked fans if they wanted to see videos of him working out at Hard Nocks South. For Cena fans, the answer is they would much rather see him in the ring.

If he continues to hustle toward the finish line to his recovery, betting on him coming back before the Royal Rumble is an increasingly smart bet.