David Haye vs. Tyson Fury: Best Quotes from Each Fighter in Heated Rivalry

Aidan ReynoldsContributor IIISeptember 28, 2013

Both Haye and Fury have openly mocked each other ahead of their fight.
Both Haye and Fury have openly mocked each other ahead of their fight.Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Although the actual fight has been rescheduled to February 8, there has been another battle raging outside the ring. Both Tyson Fury and David Haye have exchanged verbal shots and given great quotes to an expectant media.

Now seems like the perfect time to look back on a few of the best ones.


Fury Takes to Twitter

Usually athletes are careful about the things they put on Twitter, fearing controversy should they say inappropraite things. Fury, however, has gone in the opposite direction and instead hammered out as many insults as he can think of.

Fury understands the power of social media and the publicity that his tweets will grant him. Below is just a sample of choice phrases.


David Haye for Bollywood?

Fury has clearly been enjoying himself giving interviews in the build-up to the fight. Going beyond mere confidence, Fury has instead sought to embarrass Haye at every turn. When speaking to Declan Warrington at The Daily Mail, Fury threw out some excellent quotes once more:

I’m so glad to have this fight rescheduled – in my opinion, he’s a classless prima donna. A diva, a no good wannabe Bollywood actor and I can’t wait to put him in his place.

There’s lots of honest and hard working people in this world and I believe I’m going to punish and poleaxe this money grabbing cry baby for all of them – he’s getting knocked spark out!

He’s getting sorted out  I already didn’t like Mr Z-list celebrity, Queen of the Jungle  but actions speak louder than words don’t they.

Actions may speak louder than words, but that hasn't stopped Fury getting as many words as possible out via the press. The question was, how would Haye respond?


Haye laughs off Fury's Chances

Fury had previously told the press that he had scheduled a kickboxing match for October, so confident was he that Haye would be no match for him. When discussing this with Sky Sports, Haye mocked Fury's antics:

If it was allowed, I'd let Tyson use his head, shoulders, knees and toes against me... I've already heard him call out UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez... maybe he can also slip that mismatch into his schedule once I've knocked him out in September and he's been head-kicked to the floor in October.

It's safe to say that Haye isn't going to be in Fury's corner if he makes the transition to kickboxing or the octagon. He also used Twitter for a pun-based attack on his opponent:


Haye Undermines Fury, but Probably Regrets It Now

With all the posturing ahead of the fight, it's worthwhile to point out that sometimes your words can be used against you. 

When talking up his level of fitness, Haye boasted of the men he had in his camp to prepare for the Fury fight.  Deontay Wilder, Mariusz Wach and Alexander Dimitrenko were among his sparring partners, all of whom Haye claimed—via Metrowould knock Fury out.

Unfortunately, it was one of those sparring partners who would then inflict the cut that caused Haye to pull out of the fight entirely.

Maybe it's better to say nothing, after all.