The Worst Sports Movie Characters

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The Worst Sports Movie Characters
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In sports movies, as in sports themselves, there is generally a very distinct line drawn between heroes and villains. Between good and bad. And between those that contribute and those that are just along for the ride. 

That easily discernible distinction is what separates the satisfaction that your average viewer enjoys from the morally unambiguous ending of a movie like Hoosiers, to the questions that linger after seeing something a bit more complex like Inception.

The fact of the matter is that the public, in general, is more comfortable when clear lines are drawn between good and bad. People prefer black and white to shades of grey, every day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

And in sports movies, because the lines are so clearly drawn, it's not just the villains who are easy to hate on. Anyone who isn't clearly the hero, or that isn't a fully functioning contributor in the camp of the hero from start to finish, is susceptible to our disdain. 

That holds especially true for those who aren't villains, but offer little to no additional benefit to the movie itself. It's much easier to appreciate a capable adversary than a useless character whose presence wouldn't be missed in the slightest if his or her part ended up on the cutting room floor after the final edit. 

Yet, ultimately, it doesn't matter whether they are there to move the plot along, create an obstacle for the protagonist or simply fill up dead air with the occasional inconsequential dialogue—we dislike them all the same. 

Here are some of the worst and most universally unlikable characters in sports movie history.

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