Initial Thoughts on 2008 Eagles Schedule

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IApril 15, 2008

Here's some initial gut predictions and thoughts.

Week 1, St. Louis: The Rams are probably going to be better this year, but they still aren't that great. This is a nice game for the Eagles to open with and should probably be a good opportunity for the Eagles to win even if they struggle. Of course that's what I thought with last year's opener against Green Bay...we all know how that ended.

Week 2, @ Dallas: Oh boy. Statement time week two. One of these two teams is going to put up or shut up. Both Philadelphia and Dallas have somewhat easy openers, so this game probably won't mean the loser begins the season 0-2 and in a hole.

Week 3, Steelers: The Black and Gold come to Philadelphia in the NFL's attempt to divide a state. The Eagles will play their second straight tough game of the year. If the Iggles can get through these opening three games 2-1 they will be in good shape.

Week 4, @ Bears: I'm not sure what to think of the Bears yet, they could be anywhere from really good to really bad. Will that offense and defense rebound? Or will they struggle again. This game should be a good opportunity for Philly to pick up a win.

Week 5, Redskins: Washington hasn't really added a lot of good players or lost any this post season so this team will probably be very similar to last years. Wouldn't surpise me if these two teams split their season series with the home team winning each game.

Week 6, 49ers: Remember the last time the 49ers played Philly? Mark Simoneau was kicking extra points. Not the same 49er team unfortunately for the Eagles. Should be a tough game. Home crowd should help the Eagles win this one.

Week 7, Bye. Pretty solid timing for the bye. Not too early, not too late.

Week 8, Falcons: If the Eagles don't win, they've got serious issues. You can thank the Eagles last place finish last year for this game.

Week 9, @Seahawks: Very few teams win in Seattle with that stadium and crowd. The Seahawks are going to be good; I'll be shocked if the Eagles win this game at this point.

Week 10, Giants: The Eagles finally play the Super Bowl Champs in week 10. This game will be home and probably coming off a loss. A quick start will be very important for the Iggles.

Week 11, @Bengals: Cincinnati has the potential to be very dangerous, especially if Chad Johnson plays. Who knows maybe he'll be returning to Cincy in green. That's a nice thought to have for Eagles fans.

Week 12, @Baltimore: The Rust Belt tour continues with Baltimore. The Ravens aren't going to be very good again most likely. Should be a good chance for the Eagles to pick up a "road" win. Not much of a road game for the Eagles since its only 90 minutes away.

Week 13, Arizona on Thanksgiving: So many bird jokes leading up to this game. Also quick turnaround could make this game tough. Luckily it's at home and the Eagles played just to the south the week before.

Week 14, @Giants: This game starts a very tough stretch to end the season. I'm guessing the Eagles will split this season series like they will against the Redskins and the Cowboys.

Week 15, Browns: I just don't see the Browns being as good as last year. I wasn't too big on Derek Anderson last year, I think he was somewhat a fluke. We'll know by this point in the season whether he's the real deal.

Week 16, @Washington: Continues a favorable schedule for the Eagles travel wise. Week 12 on the furthest the Eagles go is New York.

Week 17, Dallas: What a way to start and end a season. Week 2 against Dallas, week 17 against Dallas. Thanks NFL. The Eagles beginning and finish will have extra meaning this year.