WWE Judgment Day 2009 Prediction Competition Results

JSenior Analyst IMay 19, 2009

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Judgment Day has come and gone, and in the wake, I sifted through 75 sets of predictions to determine Bleacher Report's most accurate wrestling oracle.

So let's get straight to the results:


Joint 74th – 3 points


Nathan Migeul


Joint 72nd – 4 points

Greg Bush

Emily Breunig


Joint 68th – 5 points

Adam Testa

Sebastian Cedeno

David Bowston

Dan Telek


Joint 61st – 6 points

Chipper Smith

Jared Farver

Ali Mashaf

Frank Dinardo

Dorian Goodman

Anonymous Guy



Joint 49th – 7 points


Ricky Bhatia

Kevin Canny

David Phillips

Josh Logan

Carlos Ramos

Alex Hall

Cena’s no 1 fan

Charles Everhart

Demetrus Stokes

Jay Aivez

Christi Lott


Joint 31st – 8 points

Svyato Rovenchuk

Chedda Bob

Angelo Cerelli

Michael Scanion

Daniel Sumrall

Gevorg Keosayan

Jessy Morris

Jeff Gorman


Catalina Monsalve

Gabriel DeBiasi

Celeste Winchester

Gagan Samra

Jason Le Blanc

Gilligan Henry Dorpfeld

Kurt Mehler

Carson Tazuk

Gary Johnson


Joint 17th – 9 points

Jimmy Maloney

Adrian Iceman Staehle

Dark Shadow

xxValentinoxx Aka Rashad

Michael Archey

Butterfly Angel

Joseph Daniel

Dub Sizzle

Josh McMullen


Giorgi Dolidze

Kevin Schomaker


Ste Eccles


Joint 7th – 10 points

Shane Howard

Jen Preston

Benjamin David

Jack Morton

Miguel Cabello

Connor Green

Tori Horn

DJ Rallo

Joe Burgett

Marina Boavista


Joint 1st – 11 points

Ray Bogusz

Ben Sampson

Jev Thorpe

Lucas Berndt


Markus Griffith


There were inquiries into who won the Batista vs. Orton match as there was a disqualification. Orton walked away with the title, but Batista won the match, so the result goes to Batista.

This competition was a tight one, which showsthere were six winners.

Thank you all for your continual support and participation. I hope you had fun playing, and look forward to hearing from you all again come Extreme Rules.


I plan to write an article soon where I intend to document all past winners and leave links to each competition article and results.

It will soon become too taxing to type out all the past winners names onto each article (as I have been doing), so I thought it would be easier that way, as they would all be in one place.