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Hey, guys,

I'm not going to be on B/R anymore, so don't send me your links because I may not look at them. If it is very important, or if yu want to post it, by all means do so. I'm just not going to be on.

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  • jokoianto joko supriyanto posted 780 days ago

    jokoianto joko supriyanto


  • Undead Warrior posted 1026 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    "soemtimes success is just a matter of holding on"

  • Undead Warrior posted 1852 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    Please check out my latest article. Im very proud of it.
    *age of orton*

  • Miss Annie posted 1922 days ago

    Miss Annie

    A WWE Christmas Party (Humor)

    Check it out please! Thanks.

  • Undead Warrior posted 1923 days ago

    Undead Warrior
    please leave a comment

  • T W posted 1991 days ago

    T W

    Witness the Introduction of the "Scottish Superstar"

  • T W posted 2028 days ago

    T W

    When All Else Fails Appreciate The Greatness Displayed In The Ring....

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 2036 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

  • Matthew Hester posted 2036 days ago

    Matthew Hester

    Put out a nice read on brian pillman if ya wanna check it out

  • Sulayman H. posted 2036 days ago

    Sulayman H.

    Prestige of WWE titles intact?