WWE Battleground 2013: Smart Projections for Top Feuds

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2013

WWE Battleground 2013: Smart Projections for Top Feuds

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    Photo courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo courtesy of WWE.com

    WWE Battleground is coming up on October 6, 2013, and with all eyes on the events leading up to it, everyone is wondering what will happen.

    Where will the Triple H story go from here? How will the vacated WWE Championship situation be decided? What is going to happen with Paul Heyman and CM Punk?

    These are all questions we'll have to wait to get answered for certain, but in the meantime, let's gaze into our crystal balls and try to predict what is coming our way.

    Here are some projections for how the top storylines currently going on in WWE will pan out over the course of the next few weeks.

The Rhodes Family

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    Photo courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo courtesy of WWE.com

    It may not be set in stone, but within the next two months, Cody Rhodes has a better shot at winning the United States Championship from Dean Ambrose than anyone ever has.

    Rhodes is not ready for a push to replace Daniel Bryan as the top babyface challenger for the WWE Championship, nor is that what WWE seems to be building toward.

    The course that appears to have been set in motion is for Goldust to team with his brother and possibly Dusty Rhodes to face The Shield at Battleground.

    Perhaps Dusty is not involved and there is a different person who wrestles on his behalf.

    Maybe Big Show joins in with the three members of The Shield and it becomes a match with those four facing off against Cody Rhodes, Goldust and the Usos, who are currently supposed to be the next contenders for the tag titles.

    If I were to place my bets on any championships changing hands between now and Hell in a Cell other than the vacated WWE Championship, I would bet the house on Rhodes dethroning Ambrose.

    There's an alternative route that could happen where he and Goldust take the belts off of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns instead, but I think Goldust is more of a backup player in this plan to give Cody a big push rather than an equal part.

    The Shield will be in some kind of a match that involves the Rhodes brothers at Battleground, and Ambrose's reign as United States champion may be coming to a close.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

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    Photo courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo courtesy of WWE.com

    Much to my own personal dismay, Alberto Del Rio is not only going to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, but there's also a good chance he has yet another rematch with Rob Van Dam at Hell in a Cell.

    After all, who else is being lined up as a challenger for the title?

    Dolph Ziggler has been pushed aside and Kofi Kingston's last title shot was a losing effort for a midcard title.

    Wrestlers like R-Truth and Justin Gabriel haven't had any credible push for longer than most people can remember.

    WWE typically doesn't do heel vs. heel Hell in a Cell matches, so it's unlikely that Damien Sandow will face off against Del Rio at that event.

    According to PWInsider, via WrestlingInc, Van Dam will be taking time off either after Battleground or Hell in a Cell. If the rumors are true, we should expect Del Rio to still be champion.

    A returning Rey Mysterio or Mark Henry could fill that spot and take Van Dam's place for Hell in a Cell if he leaves earlier, but if he doesn't, I wouldn't be surprised to see these two continue their feud in the meantime.

CM Punk vs. Ryback

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    Photo courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo courtesy of WWE.com

    WWE is going to stretch the Paul Heyman and CM Punk feud out for as long as they possibly can as an excuse to keep Punk out of the Triple H storyline.

    As such, this won't be the first time Punk and Ryback square off.

    They had a series of matches around this time last year, and that will repeat once more—at least until Hell in a Cell is over with.

    After that, Punk could potentially move on to the World Heavyweight Championship scene to face Alberto Del Rio, or he could be thrust into a feud with someone else, but it probably won't be Ryback.

    To give Ryback a bit of a boost, he'll probably win this match and then lose at Hell in a Cell to give the momentum back to Punk.

    Where Ryback goes from there is a bit of a mystery, but Punk will remain on top in some fashion.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

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    Photo courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo courtesy of WWE.com

    The WWE Championship currently has no owner, but that is all set to change come Battleground.

    Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will compete with the vacated title on the line, and one of them will almost assuredly walk out with the belt around his waist.

    Or will things go awry?

    There is a good chance WWE will book some kind of a weird finish to the match that will result in the title still being up for grabs after the event.

    Whether that's a draw due to a double pinfall, both men being counted out, the entire roster causing chaos and the match being ruled a no-contest or some other kind of shenanigans, we could find ourselves having a rematch for the vacated championship at Hell in a Cell.

    If one of the two men is going to walk away with the title, the smart bet would be on Orton.

    The past two pay-per-views have showcased Bryan beating the odds and winning the title, so it's Orton's time to add some credibility to his character here.

    One way or another, these two men will likely have another rematch at Hell in a Cell to finish the feud off.

    What do you think is going to happen at Battleground? Where do you think these storylines will go?

    Leave us your comments below!


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