Kenny Britt Shouldn't Tweet About Future with Tennessee Titans

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IISeptember 17, 2013

Kenny Britt may believe that his future with the Tennessee Titans is over after this season, but he really needs to keep that to himself.

The rumors surrounding Britt's future with the Titans heated up even more on Tuesday when the former first-round pick out of Rutgers tweeted that he likely wouldn't return after the 2013 season.

As kind-hearted as the tweet seemed, it's an inappropriate time for Britt to be talking about his future with the team.

Britt was benched on Sunday for his constant mistakes and lethargic approach on the field, according to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean:

It’s clear the Titans are frustrated with Britt, who is in the final year of his contract. He has only two more catches than he has penalties, and that’s not counting a 15-yarder after Britt, Chris Johnson and Kendall Wright danced to celebrate Wright’s touchdown against the Texans.

There’s also concern about the way Britt runs routes — coaches want more precision — and his blocking. His lack of effort in the latter contributed to the benching. Rookie Justin Hunter was put on the field in Britt’s place.

When a player is benched, that's not the time to let people know he is not going to be with the team after this season.

Britt needs to focus on becoming a more productive receiver on the field. He showed a lot of potential during his first two seasons, but he's never gotten over that hump.

Not all of the criticism about him is necessarily fair, however. After looking so promising in his first two seasons, he tore his ACL and MCL in 2011. Now, in his final year of his contract, he has to show the NFL that he can be a talented and productive receiver without the controversy.

In fact, rumors surfaced earlier on Tuesday that Britt had been released. Wyatt made sure to let everyone know that the report was false, however.

Britt needs to focus on staying out of the spotlight for the wrong reasons, and that includes not tweeting. He's already on thin ice around the league after being suspended for the first game of the 2012 season due to several incidents involving the police.

To make things even more frustrating, Britt was involved with the police yet again, back in January, after a stabbing incident allegedly involving his brother.

Rather than focusing on his future, Britt should be worried about the present. The Titans have started the season on the right foot for a team with low expectations. They won their season opener 16-9 over the Pittsburgh Steelers, then lost in overtime to the Houston Texans in Week 2. Jake Locker isn't the best quarterback, and he's going to need the help of his receivers to get open and continue to make plays.

Britt has all of the talent to become a top-tier receiver in the NFL. As Tennessee's best playmaker outside of Chris Johnson, he has an opportunity to show the Titans and the rest of the league that he can be an asset and not a cancer. It's now time for him to prove it and focus on the game.