Mayhem Miller: 'UFC Is Fake, and It's Run by an Insecure, Chunky Golf Player'

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2013

Jason Miller - Esther Lin/MMAFighting
Jason Miller - Esther Lin/MMAFighting

Jason “Mayhem” Miller believes in conspiracy theories, and one in particular puts the UFC at the center of a scandalous plot involving gambling and fixed fights.

During an exclusive interview with, the retired fighter admitted that he sees the UFC as nothing more than a fictitious soap opera feigning as the mecca for mixed martial arts:

It’s ridiculous. To call UFC a sport is ridiculous. They have their favorites to win, so if they get in a good position where they’re almost finishing the referee somehow stop the fight early. Oh, Whoops. You keeping thinking the UFC is real. It’s not. It’s governed by one petty, insecure, chunky golf player.

It’s all fake. It’s all a farce. It’s fake. They have a guy that they want to win, and they have a guy they want to lose. Every time. You know why? Gambling. It behooves them to make sure they know who will win and lose, because the house always wins.

The house certainly always won in Miller’s case.

Despite international stardom and nearly 40 fights to his name, the 32-year-old journeyman is 0-3 in the UFC. He was recently released by the promotion after a pair of lackluster performances, including a unanimous-decision loss to CB Dollaway and a TKO loss to Michael Bisping.

During an interview with, UFC president Dana White even went on record in admitting he has “never been a fan” of Miller, and he doesn’t even think of him as a legitimate UFC fighter:

I don't think you can compare him to any other fighter. He's always been...let's just say, not normal. His life is bad enough without me adding to it…People like to talk about him, ‘Oh, he's retired and a UFC fighter.’ He's not a UFC fighter. This guy fought in the UFC three times and never won one fight…I'm not a big fan, I never have been a fan, and I'm not gonna be a fan anytime soon.

Miller obviously isn’t a fan of White either.

A few months after being released from the UFC, Miller took to Twitter and lashed out at his former boss, telling him to go “kill himself” before challenging him to a fight. The fractured relationship, if there ever was one, never fully recovered from the heated verbal exchanges on the social networking site.

White is certainly right about one thing: Miller isn’t normal.

Miller, who is generally known for his bizarre antics, generated a massive cult following over the course of his career due to a unique personality and exciting fighting style. Unfortunately, he has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons recently.

A plethora of legal troubles have plagued Miller over the years. He is currently in court fighting assault charges in a domestic violence case.

SciFighting attended Miller’s arraignment in Orange County, California, where a female victim claimed he had choked and urinated on her during a domestic dispute. Miller continues to proclaim his innocence in light of the serious allegations, which may deem his already shattered public image as irreparable.

Fixed fights, scandalous plots, gambling—it all seems vaguely familiar in the mayhem-filled life of Jason Miller.