Cristiano Ronaldo Will Thrive with Gareth Bale in Real Madrid's Lineup

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistSeptember 1, 2013

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - AUGUST 07:  Cristiano Ronaldo #7 of Real Madrid celebrates a goal during International Champions Cup  Championship match against Chelsea at Sun Life Stadium on August 7, 2013 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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Gareth Bale is finally heading to Real Madrid, but the question remains about how he will coexist with current star Cristiano Ronaldo. The reality is that they should both thrive.

The transfer saga seemed to last all summer long, with the Spanish giants in relentless pursuit of the Tottenham midfielder. However, the move was finally confirmed by Spurs' official Twitter account:

It is clear from this tweet that Bale is excited about the transfer:

Of course, there is one factor that could cause friction with Ronaldo. According to Tancredi Palmeri of CNN, Real will pay more in this latest fee than they did for the former Manchester United player:

Still, the world-class player should be able to get over any negative feelings once the two appear next to each other on the pitch.

Adding Bale to Real Madrid makes the attack terrifying for opposing defenses. They can play an attacking midfield of Ronaldo on the left side, Isco in the middle and Bale on the right, as all three of them remain capable of scoring at any time.

While some might think that the latest addition might hurt Ronaldo's scoring ability due to decreased opportunities, the truth is that they will each get better chances.

Each player is among the best in the world at scoring from outside the boxspecifically Bale, who scored nine from distance last year. He can also create good shots by himself with his dribbling ability. 

Although Real might have had other players who could score, the Welsh international can do more things on his own than anyone who was on the roster last season. This will cause a lot more attention from opposing defenses, which will take the pressure off Ronaldo. provided a side-by-side look at the two elite scorers.

Both men had excellent years, and it will lead to a lot of respect from opponents. All of a sudden, Ronaldo will have a chance to go one-on-one with opponents, something he will take advantage of on a regular basis.

If defenders continue covering the Portuguese player, his vision will allow him to rack up even more assists than usual in the upcoming season. He has totaled double-digit assists in each of the last three league seasons, something that is certain to continue this year.

Additionally, the fact that both players are capable of playing with either foot makes the offense even tougher to defend. The two can switch positions on the fly, confusing opponents and leading to more goals.

These factors might not necessarily lead to a higher scoring total for Ronaldo this season after he totaled 34 a year ago. However, he is certain to be more efficient, and the offense as a whole will be improved. 

After a trophy-less season, this would be more than acceptable for the superstar.

Finally, this high-profile transfer will allow Bale to take some of the mental pressure off Ronaldo after years of ridiculously high expectations. Ronaldo will have a chance to simply relax and play his game while his new teammate handles the spotlight.

He should be able to play some of the best football of his career, leaving the only question to be who takes the free kicks?:

Either way, both players enter a great situation and should be able to excel next to each other over the next few years.


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