LSU vs. TCU: Trevone Boykin Should Be the QB for the Horned Frogs Going Forward

Ben Kercheval@@BenKerchevalCollege Football Lead WriterSeptember 1, 2013

TCU couldn't quite get it done on Saturday night against LSU. The Horned Frogs hung around, but they were simply no match for the more physical Tigers. 

In the end, LSU was able to wind down the clock to win 37-27. 

Things were looking bad for TCU in the third quarter with LSU up 13 after a Casey Pachall interception led to a Terrence Magee touchdown. That's when Gary Patterson made the switch to Trevone Boykin, who started most of the 2012 season as a freshman. 

Boykin was able to lead a 10-play, 77-yard touchdown drive that pulled the Horned Frogs back within seven. Although TCU would never tie LSU, let alone grab the lead, Boykin was the man behind center for most or all of the two sustained drives that resulted in points. 

Boykin also showed poise when he bailed TCU out of a long third down with a 35-yard completion to receiver Josh Doctson. In all, and despite what the final stats may say, Boykin was the more effective quarterback Saturday night and provided some additional mobility that was lacking with Pachall. 

Yet Patterson said after the loss that Pachall would get the start for the Horned Frogs against Southeast Louisiana next week. It's still possible—probable, even—that both quarterbacks see the field again. 

It was evident that Pachall had some rust to shake off after missing most of last season to deal with substance abuse issues. That was to be expected (also, LSU's defense is ridiculous). Whether he's able to return to his old form remains to be seen. 

In the meantime, Boykin has more than earned the chance to not just stay in the quarterback rotation for TCU, but move into a starting role. Of the two, Boykin was more prepared to handle LSU's defense and move the ball when it absolutely had to be done. 

Pachall should look significantly better against Southeastern Louisiana. This discussion won't be taking place much longer if he doesn't. But Big 12 Conference play starts up soon for the Horned Frogs with three big road games at Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. By that point, Patterson won't have the luxury of time if Pachall is still trying to get his mojo back.