WWE Night of Champions 2013: Matches That Would Make PPV a Must-See

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 1, 2013

WWE Night of Champions 2013: Matches That Would Make PPV a Must-See

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    Night of Champions is just two weeks away, and WWE only has three schedules matches so far. They need some matches that will sell this pay-per-view, and they need them fast.

    Several feuds are obviously heading toward showdowns, but it is how the matches are booked that matters. Stipulations can freshen up a feud that is already a few matches into its life, and everyone loves a good Hell in a Cell match.

    Night of Champions is the night when every title in WWE is on the line, but that is only six matches. That leaves between one and three matches open for non-title bouts.

    There are a lot of ways WWE could go in order to make this a great PPV. This slideshow will examine four matches that would make the PPV worth seeing.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow for the Money in the Bank Briefcase

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    This feud is going to have at least one more PPV match. Why not make it at Night of Champions for the Money in the Bank briefcase?

    Rhodes has come out on top on a few occasions already, and logic would dictate that Sandow would win the next match, so putting the briefcase on the line makes sense.

    Sandow needs to recover from some recent losses, and defending his briefcase successfully would give him the boost he needs right now.


Bray Wyatt vs. Kane Inside Hell in a Cell

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    We still don't know what will happen when Kane returns. Will he join the Wyatt Family? Will he try to get retribution against Wyatt? Or will he just act like nothing happened?

    Having Kane return and face Bray Wyatt in a HIAC match would really up Wyatt's profile in WWE while also giving Kane a chance to revisit the structure where he made his first appearance as Kane.

    Matches inside the cell are almost always entertaining because of the level of brutality, but these two men would add a whole new level of violence to it. This would almost certainly steal the show, and it would be one of the non-title matches at a show all about champions.

    Kane is always a solid performer, and Wyatt is someone who hasn't yet reached his true potential. Wyatt has the capacity to be the next big character in WWE if he plays his cards right, and a HIAC match with Kane at Night of Champions would certainly help whether he won or lost.


Triple H vs. Big Show

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    Based on what we've seen recently, it seems clear that Big Show and Triple H are going to have a match at some point in the near future.

    NOC is going to feature a few non-title matches, and something this high-profile would certainly help the buyrate. Triple H equals money in Vince's pocket. Even his haters have to admit that.

    Big Show and Triple H have had encounters before, but this would be their most personal to date. Forcing Big Show to watch his friends be beaten down in front of him on SmackDown will likely be the straw that breaks the giant's back.

    This match would be Big Show's biggest match in a long time, and if he doesn't end up teaming with Henry to take on The Shield for the Tag titles, then this should be how WWE books Big Show for NOC.

AJ vs. Natalya Divas Title Ladder Match

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    AJ Lee and Natalya are arguably the best pure wrestlers in the Divas division. Putting them in a stipulation match that Divas normally don't participate in would really make things interesting.

    A ladder match is almost always fun, and it might be a match that could actually make the live crowd get into a Diva's match for once.

    AJ delivered a scathing promo to the cast of Total Divas that still has people talking. Natalya is the biggest babyface in the group right now, so putting her in the position to defend the honor of all the girls on the show would be a great move.

    The Divas division can be good, but WWE has to do things like this to make it more interesting from time to time. Not many people will pay the price of a PPV because of a Divas match, but a Divas ladder match might make them reconsider when the get up to use the bathroom.

    What matches do you think would make this a must-see PPV?


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