Bray Wyatt Needs Better TV Booking To Get The Most From Character

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2013

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Excellence is an expectation that must be the goal for some of the best characters in WWE in a long time―Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family.

Characters that have less range or natural talent are the ones I think should be managed and given to the audience in the right dose. If a guy has one catchphrase getting him over, don't let it get used too much, too fast. A fine line has to be walked with taking advantage of something that is working and not overkilling it. If a gimmick is a parody or spin-off of something popular with the times, make sure you get what you can get out of it while relevant. None of these booking limitations applies to the Wyatt Family.

The reality is Wyatt could cut 20 promos in a row―all of them keeping consistent in a theme with his character by the way they're delivered, but all of them with their own identity in content. I want more Wyatt Family on WWE television.

I don't want the Wyatt Family on a pacing plan with the intent for their gimmicks being slowly established. We've seen one Bray Wyatt match on television at SummerSlam and the rest have featured the family with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

I'm all for slow burn, when you have something to burn. If a feud is in progress, I understand the want to slow burn an angle with certain progression at certain times to properly build to the payoff. Otherwise, hit the audience hard and make it memorable.

The payoff might not be completed with Kane and Wyatt. We last saw Kane beaten at SummerSlam and abducted by all three members. The payoff might be Kane joining the family, as I had written about as a prediction earlier this summer.

Harper and Rowan might be henchmen, but that doesn't mean they can't have stories of their own. Raven's Flock, The Ministry of Darkness, The Corporation, The Four Horsemen, Evolution, DX, Legacy and every other faction has always had a leader, but still had multiple feuds occupied within their groups.

Give Harper and Rowan something to work with in addition to what Bray Wyatt is doing. You can't tell me WWE doesn't have one or two other mid-level guys to spare to have work with Harper or Rowan. Between three hours of Raw, two hours of SmackDown, one hour of Main Event and a pre-show before pay-per-views, the television time is there.

The time is there and the talent is there. I'd rather see the Wyatt Family gimmick in conflict rather than pointless matches with no background involving Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Los Matadores or 3MB.

The more we see of Rowan Harper, the more we see Bray Wyatt rocking in his chair on the outside. More of him doing that sets up for more time of him using his greatest skill which is the believability of his character through his promo skills.