How Well Do You Know the Patriots?

Aaron DodgeAnalyst IMay 14, 2009

About a week ago my Patriots knowledge was challenged. I was being told by my challenger that I "didn't even know that much" about my favorite team. So with this bold statement in hand I told my belligerent new "friend" that I would gladly put on display how much I know about the New England Patriots.

I asked him to give me a number and I said I could give him a name and a position, or to give me a name and I could give him the number or position. He proceeded to throw out all the names he could, which didn't take too long, so we made our way to numbers and positions. By the end I had surprised myself and apparently created a new lunchtime game.

Anyway, it got me thinking. If you are up to it and curious enough to see how you stack up follow the setup below and test yourself. Let us know the results and maybe we can name a winner. We're obviously operating on the honor system with the internet right at your service, but what's the point in cheating in something like this? It's purely for fun.

So lets see what ya got, list as many as you can (maybe on a sheet of paper or something) for each position giving the name and number if you want and cross reference with the real chart to see how you do:












Special teams/Practice Squad/Rookies: