Making the Call on the Chicago Bears' 5 Hardest Remaining Cuts

Ross Read@@RossReadContributor IIIAugust 28, 2013

Making the Call on the Chicago Bears' 5 Hardest Remaining Cuts

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    We are just days away from the start of the regular season, and that means teams need to start working toward finalizing their final rosters. The Bears recently got down to 76 by cutting 14 players.

    After the final preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, Marc Trestman will work with his staff to get down to the final 53-man roster. There are five players who stand out right now who will be tough decisions for the staff. 

    Cycle through as we give you some insight on the players and finally tell you whether they will be safe or cut. 

Saftey Brandon Hardin

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    How bad will it look to cut a third-round pick from a year ago? What might be worse is the fact Brandon Hardin has never played in a regular-season game. 

    As of now, the former Oregon State safety has done very little to stand out during camp and preseason. The Bears thought they were getting an athletic and versatile player, but he's been a disappointment due to his health concerns and lack of playmaking ability. 

    While it might look bad initially to cut Hardin, it will look a lot worse to keep an underachieving player on a roster built to win now. The Bears can ill afford to wait on Hardin to reach his potential when competing for a divisional crown. 

    Call: Cut

Tight End Fendi Onobun

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    Fendi Onobun is another player high on potential, but he just hasn't gotten it done. He's stood out for all of the wrong reasons in the preseason, highlighted by some key drops. 

    The concern with cutting Onobun is the fear he finally puts it all together with another team. The Bears don't have a ton of talent behind Martellus Bennett and could use another athletic pass-catching option. 

    Imagine if Onobun just catches the ball. He consistently gets open and is an athletic freak of nature. Maybe catching the ball is an easy fix, but can the team take that gamble? 

    Call: Safe

Running Back Armando Allen

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    It seems like every year Armando Allen is one of those fringe players who just can't seem to make the opening day roster. 

    It hasn't really affected Allen because he finds his way on to the roster at some point in the season anyway. Last season, the Bears opted for Lorenzo Booker only to put him on IR and bring back Allen. 

    This training camp it is Allen who has had to battle injuries. It has forced him to miss quite a bit of time, and it has opened the door for undrafted rookie Michael Ford. 

    Ford gives the team a bigger option with some surprising speed. He also adds another element to the return game if needed. As of now, it looks like Allen might be on the outside looking in, again. 

    Call: Cut

Wide Receiver Marquess Wilson

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    Usually the last wide receiver on the roster contributes heavily on special teams. Marquess Wilson just isn't that guy. Can the Bears afford to keep him and only play him on offense? 

    Wilson has been getting some time with the No. 1 offense, meaning Marc Trestman and the offensive staff want to get a good look at what he brings to the table. He's responded with a couple of nice catches. 

    There's no doubt Wilson can make an impact in a thin receiving core. The issue becomes how many guys the Bears will keep at receiver and if they will go with a veteran option who gives them more on special teams.

    Call: Safe

Offensive Tackle J'Marcus Webb

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    An easy choice in the eyes of Bears fans may not be so easy for the coaching staff. J'Marcus Webb has struggled and even lost his starting job, but can he still give you something? 

    What causes the dilemma is the notion Webb has quality talent and can be saved. Most coaches believe they can be that guy, and this has allowed Webb to stay on this football team longer than he should. 

    This will be a gut call for offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. If he thinks he can still salvage Webb, then Marc Trestman will hold on to him just a little longer. 

    Call: Cut