NFL Draft Needs: New York Jets

Joe WillettSenior Writer IApril 13, 2008

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New York Jets

The Jets are hated by every team that faced the Patriots last year.  Eric "Man-genius" was smart enough to tattle on the Patriots, and the Pats unloaded on every team that they faced.

The Jets haven't had luck passing, rushing or blocking.  Their defense wasn't much better than the offense.

They need help at a lot of positions.  Chad Pennington can only throw the ball from my seat to the computer screen, but he could hit any point on that screen.

They need something at a lot of positions, so where will they go with their draft picks?


Possible Draft Directions

Thomas Jones and Leon Washington weren't the double threat the Jets were hoping for. If McFadden is still available, I can't see the Jets passing on the guy that could be the next AP (Adrian Peterson).

Wide receiver is a very pressing need.  They have several receivers on their current roster, but combined, their last season stats don't add up to 1,000 yards. That's not a good thing for a quarterback to work with.

DeSean Jackson would help fix that, but he could be this year's Ted Ginn.

Kris Jenkins isn't what he used to be, and hasn't had a +5 sack season since 2003.  They could use Glenn Dorsey to replace him.

They also need help at defensive end.  Chris Long could help them out by coming off the edge.

Linebacker is another position of need.  Keith Rivers out of USC is a very good prospect, and he could give them the help that they desperately need.

Look out for how the rich get richer on Wednsday.

I'm Joe W.