Russian Spectator in the Stands Asked to Fight, Obliges with Knockout

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 21, 2013

In Russia, the fans fight. 

Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead spotted a video that serves as a great reminder never to judge a book by its cover—or, in this case, never to judge a potential MMA fighter by the jean shorts he might be wearing. 

While what's going on in the video is apparent despite the language barrier, Middle Easy's Zeus explains exactly what transpired as a fan gets picked from the stands to fight. 

According to the report, the site received an email explaining the video that started with the following: 

Hi this is one of the best fight on Arrows
One opponent not coming to fight and we ask people, who wont fight? 
One guy say i am wont, he is name Dmitry 
i write little text transcription for you

It might be a jumbled mess of a message, but from it, we gather that the fighter, Dmitry Dzubay, was not in the least bit unprepared to fight on this particular day. 

As we see in the video, this "fan" is rather adept at fighting and delivers a swift takedown the second the fight begins. Thanks to Middle Easy, there is a transcript of what is being said, which gives us some more vitals on this MMA maestro.

Dzubay is a student who does have a "little" training in wrestling, which explains his instincts to take this thing to the ground as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, we cannot verify the veracity of the tall tale, but it certainly seems like Dzubay was there just to watch some MMA mastery. 

Being the optimists that we are, we'd like to believe the young man was just having some fun after being granted the opportunity to test his mettle. Well, he passed the test with flying colors and should now enjoy the kind of Internet fame that comes from knocking a trained fighter out cold. 


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