Jason Taylor Re-Signs with Miami for Second Chance at Success

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst IMay 13, 2009

ASHBURN, VA - JULY 21:  Jason Taylor arrives at the Washington Redskins practice facility July 21, 2008 in Ashburn, Virginia. The Redskins has acquired the defensive end from the Miami Dolphins.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Former Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor re-signed with the Miami Dolphins late this afternoon. The deal is reported to be for one year worth $1.5 million.

The Dolphins traded the 11-year veteran to the Washington Redskins last summer after he and Bill Parcells clashed over his absence in the club’s offseason activities. 

Taylor became a television mainstay on ABC’s hit reality show, “Dancing with the Stars.”  His accomplishments earned on the football field became secondary to his new hobby, and that was apparently too much for the “Tuna” to stomach.

The Redskins were also disappointed in Taylor’s lack of commitment to their offseason conditioning program and promptly released No. 55.  Taylor cited personal reasons for his decision to stay in Miami, where he has family and a home in the suburbs. 

In his one season in DC, Taylor recorded just three-and-a-half sacks in 13 games played.  He started eight games for the 'Skins, spending some time at linebacker later on in the 2008-2009 campaign. 

For the first time in his solid pro career, he faced a major injury.  He suffered a severe calf injury that forced him out of the lineup for three games.  Taylor experienced a terrible complication in which blood pooled inside his leg, causing excruciating pain.  The injury was life-threatening as his leg swelled so bad, surgery was needed to save his life.

Still, Vinny Cerrato and Daniel Snyder were trying to set a precedent this year for keeping the team chemistry intact.  So when Taylor informed the team of his decision to workout in Miami, they acted swiftly.

Jason turns 35 this September, but believes there is plenty of fuel left in his aging tank.  “My heart has always been in Miami, so I am truly excited to become a Dolphin again,” Taylor said in a written statement submitted by his agent. 

“I was presented with a number of different opportunities, but in the end the combination of this being the best situation for my family, my love for this community, and my tremendous loyalty to a great organization made this an easy decision.”

As a Redskins fan, I was not surprised he didn’t come close to the 11 sacks he recorded in 2007.  However, his attitude leaves something to be desired, and I am glad the Redskins management team made the best decision for their organization.

Note to Jason: 

Jazz hands won’t help your tackling skills.  Good riddance Mr. Metrosexual.