Football Overview: Did Anyone Notice?

Nathaniel Davis@KanTheWordContributor IMay 13, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  Seattle Seahawks draft pick Aaron Curry poses with his new jersey at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Did anyone notice that Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders were among the "most influential people" in Michael Crabtree's life, and both played for the San Fransico 49ers?

Did anyone notice when Seattle Seahawk Aaron Curry was told to take off his Wake Forest pin while waiting for his name to be called? Are we only allowed to see them in uniform? Why aren't we allowed to see them represent an institution of higher learning in a more subtle way?

Did anyone notice that even after months of coverage, analysis, and expert opinion, we all guessed the first round of the draft wrong, anyway? How could you be considered an expert if you've been debating and analyzing this aspect of the game for 30 years and still get it wrong? Perhaps politics is the way to go! 

Did anyone notice that the Steelers' last two Championships were against the NFC West? And that a WR took the MVP? And that Todd Haley resembles an out-of-work actor?

Did anyone notice that, although QB is the toughest position to adjust to in the NFL, rookie QB salaries steadily climb? Yet the only recent QBs to have success as a rookie is Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco? How many don't ever succeed in the NFL?

Did anyone notice that the Lions are paying Stafford over $70 million over the next six seasons, yet most of Detroit looks like it needs a serious bail-out package? Hey, wait a minute!

Did anyone notice that teams salivate to get Brett Favre out of retirement, despite his well-publicized arm injury, his knack for throwing costly interceptions, his age, and his Wrangler commercials!

Did anyone notice that owners are billionaires, and really are just kids with Ant farms? I can understand when proven talents such as Anquan Boldin ask for a considerable raise, especially when their colleague is making almost five times more.

You come back after breaking your face on the field, and guys like Javon Walker and Jerry Porter have consi—oh, wait, they were on the Raiders! So what? Pay up, Cards!

Did anyone notice that the Giants' front seven is the most versatile going into '09?

Did anyone notice that certain ESPN bloggers really just copy and paste other beatwriters' work, or that they barely even visit the team they cover?

Did anyone notice that the Lions' defense looks better than the Bengals'?

Did anyone notice that while this past NFL draft is being considered as less heralded than last year's and next years? That didn't stop the Lions from breaking the bank on a QB.

Did anyone notice that Denver rookie Head Coach Josh McDaniels is having a fire sale with the talent that Denver has built over the past few seasons, and that Kyle Orton is far from Jay Cutler? He does resemble Dave Grohl (There goes my hero! Watch him as he throws).

Did anyone notice that free agent pick-up Brian Dawkins could have $14 million in guaranteed money over the next two seasons? He's already 35. I wonder if John Lynch is working out with a high school team, also.

Did anyone notice that T.O.'s release is really just the scapegoat for the Jason Garrett's unwillingness to run the football, and opposing defenses' willingness to blitz? If you look at games vs. the Steelers, Ravens, and Eagles, you'd understand what I mean.

Did you notice that the NFL is the most entertaining sport year in and year out? There's hardly a dull season and 2008 certainly didn't disappoint. The summer of '09 is sure to yield news worthy events.

Good luck to all the rookies and veterans trying to keep their jobs!

Stay tuned for "Things Surely to Happen! A Bettors' Guide to a Sure Thing!"