Weirdest Promotional Nights of 2013

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Weirdest Promotional Nights of 2013
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Think this is weird? Just wait.

Let's face it, baseball season is extremely long. The World Series has been played as late as November and spring training starts in February. So basically it's like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and then BOOM! Baseball season.

Nine months of the year is a very long time to hold someone's attention. Even the most fanatical of baseball fans will have trouble finding time in their schedules for five to seven games per week, which is pretty much the norm in MLB.

The NFL has the fundamental economic principle of supply and demand on its side. With just 16 games per team in a season, it really doesn't to offer any extra incentive to show up. MLB has 162 games in a season, so throwing in an added bonus certainly doesn't hurt.

It's called the Happy Meal principle™. You take something lame, throw in a toy and BOOM! You've got yourself a bag full of awesomeness.

Minor league baseball teams have fewer games, but they also have all the players who aren't good enough to be playing in the majors. So whatever you've gained in supply and demand, you've lost in overall quality of product.

Enter promotional nights. Baseball teams all over the country pack their home schedules with promotions to help get asses in the seats. Unfortunately, they all can't be winners. A team can't give out bobbleheads every night when they cost more per unit than fans pay for a ticket.

But it's not all bad news. People only get creative when money is an object—and sometimes they get really creative...and downright weird. Here are some of the weirdest baseball promotions of 2013 and suggestions on how to carry over the fun to 2014.

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