Detroit Pistons Offseason To-Do List: Version Four

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 4, 2016

Every time I think about writing about the Pistons or search through the rumors that the various basketball blogs are reporting, I'm not sure what to think about certain rumors.

It's not the credibility of the sources that I am questioning, but what I am questioning is how these sources know what route President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars will take when he embarks on his journey that is rebuilding the Detroit Pistons.

Some people think that he'll look to add veterans to act as a stopgap and maybe add a superstar in free agency.  Others believe that the draft will be the primary means of rebuilding.  

There have been a few rumors that would involve the Pistons acquiring a top pick in this year's draft.  One included the Pistons shipping Richard Hamilton for Earl Watson, Chucky Atkins and the Thunder's lottery pick.  

Obviously, the trigger wouldn't be pulled by either team until after the lottery is held, to ensure that the pick doesn't fall too low or possibly earn the top pick, but the thought is a bit intriguing.

The general consensus is that this year's draft class is a bit weak.  Aside from Blake Griffin, there aren't too many players that are going to come in and make an impact right away like the Kevin Durants and the Derrick Roses. 

However, those who believe that this trade is a possibility believe that the Pistons would use the pick to acquire Hasheem Thabeet.

Yet again, these rumors are pure speculation.  I have no insight that leads me to believe that Dumars plans on moving up to select Thabeet or even trading Hamilton.  Though, the prospect of a 7'2" center is intriguing. 

What would be even more intriguing is if the Pistons did select Thabeet and then selected Mullens with the 15th pick in the draft.  Regardless of how far-fetched it may seem, I'd be curious to see a lineup that is comprised of a scoring backcourt and a defensive, shot-blocking frontcourt that includes two seven-footers.

Nevertheless, even if the Pistons were to pull off a move like this, they would still have nearly $18 million in cap space to make other moves to improve the team. 

If the Pistons were to put out a lineup of Stuckey, Gordon, Prince, and Thabeet and maybe pull in a guy like Paul Milsap to fill the void at power forward, I would again be excited to watch the Pistons play next year.

But for now, there's work to do.