Tony Gonzalez: 21 Questions for the Atlanta Falcons' New Tight End

Tyler EstepSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2016

Tony Gonzalez is now a Falcon.

The surefire Hall of Famer at tight end is now Matt Ryan's new plaything, and will hope to help Ryan and the rest of the Falcons build on their 11-5 regular season in 2008.

Given the chance, here are just some of the questions I would use to pick Gonzalez's brain:

  1. What are thoughts following you first minicamp here? What did you take away?
  2. There were rumors you kind of quietly campaigned for a trade out of Kansas City. Are they true?
  3. If so, was Atlanta a team you had pinpointed for a trade?
  4. Was the opportunity to win the biggest factor in your decision to come to Atlanta?
  5. How hard was it being on so many unsuccessful teams in Kansas City?
  6. Do you regret staying there until now?
  7. Do you feel like you could have accomplished more elsewhere?
  8. You’re obviously a Hall of Famer already. But do you feel like there’s something missing from your resume?
  9. When you do go to the Hall, you’ll most likely be in a Chiefs jersey. But what do you want your legacy with the Falcons to be?
  10. What do you know about Matt Ryan?
  11. They say a young quarterback’s best weapon is a good tight end. Do you believe in that?
  12. What kind of impact do you think you can have with Ryan?
  13. I’ve read that you’ve been working on a few routes with Ryan. What can you tell me about those?
  14. You’re a high-character guy. What would you say your biggest contribution can be on this team — on or off the field?
  15. Do you have anything set up already to give back to the Atlanta community?
  16. Do you have personal goals for 2009? Or is it all about winning?
  17. You’re 33. How much do you have left in the tank?
  18. Do you plan on ending your career with Atlanta?
  19. It’s well-documented that the Falcons have never had back-to-back winning seasons. Is that something you knew coming in?
  20. Do you think this team can change that this year?
  21. Do you have a feeling of just how much fun it would be to be on a winning team?

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