Blue Jays' Rajai Davis Scores After Comedy of Errors on Simple Grounder

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIAugust 14, 2013

Rajai Davis hit a Little League "home run" against the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday in one of the most bizarre plays of the season.

Davis stepped up for his second at-bat of the game against Jon Lester when the Red Sox turned what could've been an out into a run for the Toronto Blue Jays.

It all starts when Davis hit the ball off Lester's leg. The ball may have been fielded if Lester's leg wasn't in the way, but the ball ricocheted off the pitcher and squirted away.

Lester looked like he could've recovered in time to beat Davis' incredible speed if he had a clean scoop and toss to first, but the throw was off and ended up in foul territory, while Davis headed to second.

Right fielder Shane Victorino came in to grab the ball as Davis turned and headed for third, but Victorino's throw hit Davis and bounced away from third baseman Will Middlebrooks, which was ultimately ruled an error on Victorino.

Thanks to Davis' speed and the healthy amount of foul territory in Toronto, Middlebrooks wasn't even able to get a throw home before Davis scored.

This embarrassment of a play looked like something out of a Little League game, not an MLB contest.

Davis' speed is what allowed him to turn this play into a "home run." Most players would've stopped at second after Lester's error, but Davis is one of the fastest players in the game today and he rounded the bases without any hesitation.

I wanna see Rajai Davis and Usain Bolt in 60 yard dash. #humancheetahs

— Ken Griffey' (@CaniceEjoh) August 15, 2013

Davis also ripped a double in his third at-bat. He did it all for the Blue Jays on Wednesday, and fans took notice.

Rajai Davis can hit Jon Lester with Both hands behind his back. #redsoxtalk

— Anthony Spano (@Spone63) August 15, 2013

today is rajai Davis day for the #BlueJays lets go jays

— Raj Balasubramanian (@rajbmanian) August 15, 2013

It's not like this is the first time we've seen Davis tear the Red Sox apart, either.

Rajai Davis turns into Mickey freaking Mantle when he plays the #RedSox

— David Asche (@DavidAsche) August 15, 2013

Davis is batting .314 against them this season, which is the highest for him against any team he has at least 15 at-bats against.