1. Tigers rely on full cast to get job done in 13th: Rajai Davis' sac fly wins it as 22 players -- including 10 p... http://t.co/JXzxwWKfyt

  2. Rajai Davis; 'If It Was Up to Me, It Would Be Very, Very Nice to Stay'

  3. 'Unbelievable' AB from Davis Sparks Tigers to Win

  4. Davis' Walks Off with RBI Triple in 10th

  5. You cannot say that Rajai Davis has not done his best to make this #Tigers-#Rays series interesting, for sure. http://t.co/3GsnsNZGfX

  6. Rajai is everywhere! He's everywhere! READ: http://t.co/3GsnsOhhEx

  7. WALKOFF! Rajai Davis' walk-off hit scores Anthony Gose, @tigers defeat the White Sox 2-1.

  8. #WALKOFF!!  Anthony Gose scores on a @rajai11davis triple! #Tigers win 2-1 in the 10th!

  9. Rajai Davis wins the game with a two-out triple to rightfield. It is the second walk-off hit of his career.

  10. Tigers 2, White Sox 1, 10 innings: http://t.co/dv3SwOSRYw Tigers lose no-hit bid in ninth, win on walk-off by Rajai Davis in 10th.

  11. Tigers 2, White Sox 1 (10): Rajai Davis hits walkoff 3B after Feliz blows combined no-no http://t.co/MpZCoVoqJB http://t.co/TGJiNicBVf

  12. RECAP: @rajai11davis gives the #Tigers a #walkoff victory in the 10th. http://t.co/i20uMPDmcr http://t.co/OLaF3DXIDA

  13. It took 10 innings, but @rajai11davis felt like walking it off tonight! http://t.co/7NfoQ0ms2x #Tigers #Walkoff http://t.co/Lk2RxIRFub

  14. 13 pitches and counting for Rajai Davis vs. Casey Fien. Nine foul balls.

  15. Rajai Davis flied out to left field on the 14th pitch of his at-bat against Casey Fien.

  16. 14-pitch at-bat for Rajai Davis with one out in the seventh inning. Nine foul balls. He flies out to leftfield.

  17. The 14th pitch ends the Casey Fien-Rajai Davis matchup with a popup to LF.

  18. Rajai Davis, No. 8, to rightfield. The Tigers take the lead.

  19. Glen Perkins knocks over trash can lid on way thru Twins dugout after Rajai Davis hits go-ahead HR. Tigers take 6-4 lead on Twins in 8th.

  20. #Tigers 6, #Twins 4: Offense, Rajai Davis' go-ahead HR carries Detroit to comeback win http://t.co/zaGlKNESji http://t.co/urGm46mJFY

  21. RECAP: @rajai11davis crushes go-ahead homer to cap comeback as #Tigers top Twins. http://t.co/dq7RjKXMLo http://t.co/PygSPTRL7u

  22. ICYMI, @rajai11davis showed off the power last night in a comeback victory. http://t.co/ihlwDNd8qd #Tigers http://t.co/j1WCWSdxEX

  23. Seven of Rajai Davis' eight home runs this season have tied the game or taken the lead.

  24. HAPPY RAJAI http://t.co/dkSsWUgv80

  25. Rajai Davis has been a good fit for the Tigers the past 2 seasons. Seems like he would be a good fit next year, too. http://t.co/UNgQo3YwEi

  26. Would Rajai Davis like to be back with the Detroit Tigers next season? Davis: "Absolutely." http://t.co/UNgQo3YwEi

  27. Rajai Davis would like to return to the Tigers next season. And it seems like he would be a good fit. http://t.co/UNgQo3YwEi

  28. Rajai Davis, batting leadoff tonight, engaging Texas Rangers mascot in conversation while waiting for Cole Hamels to take mound.

  29. Anthony Gose scores on a @rajai11davis single. #Tigers down 5-4 in the 2nd.

  30. The latest play in tonight's bad baseball game referenced by @joe_sheehan was a Rajai Davis pop-out bunt.

  31. Rajai Davis was not instructed to bunt in the ninth inning, Brad Ausmus said: "I think he was trying to do too much."

  32. Rajai Davis bunted on his own in 9th. Easy run if he gets bunt down, he said, but bad pitch to try to bunt.