Batter Takes Exception to Ball Thrown at Head, Retaliates with Horrible Bat Toss

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 8, 2013

The answers to what kind of guy throws a bat at another player are now Roger Clemens and a catcher playing in a recent Far West League game. 

The video posted below from Brian Foley of College Baseball Daily contains some NSFW language. It shows a batter getting beaned in the head and then throwing his bat toward the mound:

The sort of baseball kerfuffle that usually ensues after such an act comes in the form of fans screaming in disgust from the sidelines. 

For the Win's Mike Foss has a GIF of the remarkable moment: 

Deadspin's Dom Cosentino provides a little information on the league featuring the Humboldt Crabs and the California Warriors:

The Far West League, based in northern California, is one of those summer leagues in which college players compete to get accustomed to using wood bats. The idea is to use those bats like they were designed to be used. This is not an example of that. The Crabs went on to win their third straight FWL title the following day.

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the incident aren't exactly clear. You can hear one fan proclaiming this was the third pitch thrown at the batter. 

While we cannot confirm that the pitcher was just out there headhunting, we did spot a report from The Huffington Post that asserts the game was a lively one. 

A tweet from the Humboldt Crabs points to a player who may have had just about enough of getting hit this season:

He decided to answer with a deplorable action.

Again, it is unclear if this was the first pitch to hit catcher Sergio Sanchez in this game or one of many. 

A simple life lesson: If Roger Clemens would do it, it's best to refrain, no matter how frustrated you might be. 

The batter could have caused an awful injury, especially considering how hard he threw the bat. With that said, there is no reason to ever headhunt, if that is indeed what the pitcher was doing. 

As far as we can tell, nobody was seriously injured, which is the best news to come out of a scary situation. 

Next time, perhaps the batter should just charge the mound like a civilized baseball player. 


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