Alex Rodriguez Anti-Highlight Reel Lets Fans Savor 1 A-Rod Failure After Another

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 7, 2013

Someone just won the Internet. 

Is anyone in sports more hated than Alex Rodriguez is right now? We say no, and the evidence is this anti-highlight reel dominating the Internet, which has garnered clicks from everyone who would love to boo the New York Yankees star in person but cannot. 

For those uninitiated, Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games for his part in violating "baseball's drug agreement and labor contract," via The Associated Press (h/t ESPN). For the moment, he is appealing that suspension and continuing to play. 

Guyism's A. Isaac spotted the video, yet we don't know who spliced Rodriguez's lowlights together over the greatest montage music ever created. 

Dear beautiful mind who decided to craft a giant ball of hilarious brilliance that will power the interwebs in much the same way the sun powers the planet: Take a bow. 

The entire World Wide Web owes you a beer and a handshake, because you did it. You won the Internet. You demolished every last meme, viral video and tweet with one colossal hammer of humor.  

We all wake up in the morning and saunter to work in the hope of creating the one thing the human race has been moving toward: the pinnacle of our existence. 

Well, here it is. 

As just a minor side note here for anyone hoping to splice together a highlight reel, the addition of Joe Esposito's "You're the Best" will make it an instant classic. 

If you are hard pressed, you can go with another lovely tune: Bananarama's "Cruel Summer," which is also from the only Karate Kid I will admit has ever been created. 

As for Rodriguez, he will continue to play in front of thousands of fans who may not love him but surely love to hate him. 

A-Rod, that legacy of yours seems to be shaping up rather nicely. 


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