College Football: New Mexico State Gets Impressive New Helmets

Alan BlackAnalyst IIIAugust 7, 2013

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports
Photo courtesy of CBS Sports

The New Mexico State Aggies have long had some of the most boring helmets in the game, as seen here. Simple lettering, a plain background and poor font choice made the NMSU lids some of the most "blah" in the country.

Wednesday, the Aggies changed that. UniWatch's Paul Lukas tweeted pictures of the new Aggie helmets, featuring a total overhaul of the previous design.

Gone is the totally plain maroon background with just "NM State" with poor spacing slapped onto the side.

The helmet now prominently features the school's mascot, Pistol Pete, aggressively brandishing his namesake pistols. At his base is the school's nickname, the "Aggies," in a much better font that stands out quite a bit more than the previous one. The school's name is also featured on the new helmets, as "New Mexico State" is emblazoned in small letters beneath "Aggies."

The most unique aspect of the new helmets, however, is the stripe down the middle of the helmet.  While many school's have such a stripe, none of them contains what New Mexico State's does: guns.

The center stripe is a black-outlined white stripe featuring evenly spaced pairs of crossed pistols.

While the prominent featuring of firearms on a college football team's helmets is sure to raise some objections, NMSU should be credited for changing tack from its previous listless design and becoming bold with their new lids.

The Aggies may not be very feared on the field, but at least now their helmets aren't part of the reason why.  These new helmets are bold and attractive. Lets see if it helps NMSU play or recruit better.