Nobody Needs You Anyway, Brett Farve

Joshua LaganContributor IMay 11, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - MARCH 6: Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers announces his retirement at a press conference at Lambeau Field March 6, 2008 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It's not every year that a 39-year-old, injured, "past his prime" quarterback, can keep himself in the media spotlight about whether he will retire or not. Usually they can't get anybody to sign them, and so they leave the game dreaming of days past.

But Brett Farve has done that and more, as Brett Farve rumors have run rampant over the last several months. It's time for the football world to just wise up and say, "Brett, nobody needs you anyway."

Brett Farve has had a brilliant career, winning Super Bowls, earning MVP's, being selected to Pro Bowls, setting records, and the whole time building up a fan base to be one of the most popular players ever to play the game.

He's a celebrity, and the NFL has loved him. But somebody needs to tell Brett it's over.

Everything was pretty much perfect following the 07 season. Brett Farve had led the Packers to a stunning 13-3 year and the NFC Conference Championship game, before falling to the eventual Superbowl winners, the New York Giants in a tight 23-20 game.

Nobody had expected the Packers to do so well, and Brett Farve had cemented his legacy. He retired in brilliant fashion, with a heartfelt goodbye, bringing tears to the eyes of even his haters.

The grand finale would be in a short amount of time, when he would be elected to the Hall of Fame to be remembered forever. Besides falling just short of winning the Superbowl his final year, everything was perfect.

When suddenly Brett Farve decided he wasn't done, and was picked up by the Quarterback Starved, New York Jets. The Packers fans felt betrayed and bewildered, what had happened to their hero? Why did he betray them so?

But nonetheless, the Jet's fans welcomed him with the "fattened calf," and he was heralded as their saviour, the final piece for the Jets 2009 Superbowl run. He was given the keys to the city, and their love for him only grew as they flew to an 8-3 start, and the division lead.

The Packer's fans were still confused, and trying to figure out what was happening, and how Brett could be on a team not called the Packers. But Brett Farve, despite changing camps, was on top of the world.

Thirty-eight and still the best, was the cry that was echoed from all the "streets by the newspaper boys." But then suddenly, everything went terribly wrong...

The New York Jets stumbled through a 1-4 finish, missing the playoffs at 9-7.

Brett Farve threw 9 interceptions over the last 5 games, as his arm began to give him trouble. He tore his bicep collar, giving him pain in shoulder, finally showing his age, and the result of so many years of wear and tear.

The Jets were furious about the horrible finish. Eric Mangini was fired, and when Brett Farve asked to be let go, his wish was immediately granted. Brett Farve retired again following the season, but this time people weren't as eager to get emotional with him. Jet's and Packer's fans now felt betrayed by him.

The Jet's because he failed their expectations, and the Packers because of how he'd left them. They still love him for what he did there, and many are willing to over look his departure, but the fact remains.

Brett Farve retired, this time with his record tainted, instead of in glory like the first time. It's sad that his career had to end with this black mark, but at least it's over...

Right...? Please...?  

The Brett Farve Saga continues, as Brett Farve has changed his mind again.

The NFL world was finally accepting that this time, the retirement was for real, but he's changed his mind again and is now officially "undecided." "Undecided?!?" Brett you're killing yourself. Didn't you learn from the last time? Hasn't your name been muddied enough?

Brett, it's time to accept it, it's over... He's not the same Brett Farve he was a year ago. His confidence has slipped after such a tragic collapse, he's hurt, he's tired, he's 39 years old! He's coming off a 28 touchdown 28 interception season, with one of the lowest passing yard totals of his career.

The Vikings would be making a Huge mistake by picking up Brett Farve, and Brett Farve would be making a Huge mistake by joining the Vikings. Tarvaris Jackson is already as confident as a "girlfriend who's been dumped three times by the same man." Do you think this controversy is helping him get comfortable at all?

At this point, if the Vikings get Farve, they'd'll get a broken veteran, who is injured and according to reports, hasn't thrown a pass in months. Viking's fans want to think that Brett Farve will be the final piece in their Super Bowl destined team, but I think the Vikings will get closer to a Superbowl, by giving Tarvaris Jackson a chance this year, and see what he can do.

Then if he doesn't pan out, next year, pull a trade similar to the Jet's Mark Sanchez trade, to pick up one of the top tier quarterbacks coming out next year.

I don't think Brett can lead them to a Super Bowl. In fact, I think signing Brett Farve will be worse for them.

These Quarterback desperate teams need to get over their Young Brett Farve Fantasies, and realize how little he has left in him. There's a quarterback heavy draft next year, Brett Farve is not your answer.

Brett, we love you, "but nobody needs you anyway." For your sake, and the sake of the NFL, please stay retired.


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