Report: Latest Update on the Big Show

Gone Baby GoneContributerAugust 1, 2013


It has been two weeks since the WWE teased the Big Show’s return to Raw, and we're still waiting.

The grand comeback was supposed to happen on July 22nd, but never came to fruition. Soon after, news broke that Show was still not ready and was noticeably limping backstage.

According to (via, the WWE was hoping to use the massive superstar at its upcoming pay-per-view SummerSlam.

Apparently this is still the plan even though the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via noted:

Despite not being cleared to wrestle yet, Big Show is still booked to team with Mark Henry and face Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a 2-on-3 match at SummerSlam. Show could be returning on the August 5th RAW. 

Personally, I don’t see a point in rushing him back. As I noted in a previous article, the WWE really has no reason for him to hurry back. The fact is SummerSlam’s card is shaping up to be a pretty decent show, so chances are there really wouldn’t be anything formidable for him.

Not to mention, that Mark Henry could easily team up with Sheamus, Khali, Tons of Funk or any other veteran that the WWE isn’t intending on using for the event. Not only would it allow Show a chance to properly heal, it would give the company a chance at setting up a proper storyline for the match.

Overall, adding a different star or stars makes as much sense as randomly inserting the Big Show into the match—so I say why not?

Ultimately, August 5th’s Raw is less than a week away, so we will have to wait and see if he returns then. However, if he doesn’t, you can rest assured that the company will need to start rethinking this plan as SummerSlam draws nearer.