Affliction Coming at You In All Different Directions!

tyler griggsContributor IMay 11, 2009

First off, the Affliction company is starting off a little slow, but starting to pick up. Rumored to happen at Affliction 3 is the Champion Fedor Emelianenko vs Josh Barnett for the WAMMA Heavyweight title. Also rumored on the card is Paul Buentello vs " The Maniac " Tim Sylvia.

Second, Tom Atencio making challenges to Dana White for a MMA fight between the two?

Atencio making his second appearance as a MMA fighter on June 27th at an Ultimate Chaos event, has said " I would love to fight with Dana White, Let's do it. "

First on the events to talk about another Fedor fight. These guys at Affliction are starting to run low on opponents for Fedor.

Fedor coming off of a huge win streak, is once again up to the plate for Affliction. Coming off a win against Andrei Arlovski with a Knockout punch has fought at all of the Affliction events.

Now Affliction has only had two events. The thing is it takes multiple awesome atheletes to make up any sport from boxing to baseball to football. Yes Affliction is still starting off, so yeah give them a little bit of slack. But as I said you can only take one person so far.

Just as Anderson Silva, In my opinion is getting a little old to watch him just blow through his opponents in a snap, you know give him a challenge. Not to bring his glory down, he's an awesome fighter, as is Fedor, but everyone doesn't like to see the same old thing, one after another.

Barnett has also fought at both of the Affliction events. He is Fedor's opponent at the up coming event ( supposedly ). Barnett is coming off of a four fight win streak, also with a couple of Knockout punch victories under his belt, might just be a good match for Fedor.

Affliciton also has Tim Sylvia on the card. He is fighting Paul Buentello. Sylvia is coming off of a two fight losses. One at the Affliction Banned event and the other back at UFC 81. Tim's opponent on the other hand is coming off a two fight win streak at the last two Affliction events. His wins by TKO and a decision. So this might just be interesting.

Also Tom Atencio calling out Dana White for a fight? Yeah I didn't know he had even fought as a professional fighter. But he's has won via Decision back in 2005 at a Total Combat event.

He has said, I'm doing something White won't, and that's fight. And he is correct, I have not seen him fight personally, but I've seen Dana White on TV, and he should just stay out of the ring.

White just does not seem like the kind of person to fight, but you never know. That would be an interesting card. I could see it in this form.

UFC vs Affliction (only on PPV)

Tom Atencio (VP of Affliction) vs UFC President Dana White

Also on the card Fed Emilianenko vs Brock Lesnar  (or Frank Mir )

and a Rematch between the Natural Randy Couture vs The Maniac Tim Sylvia.

Now that would be amazing. But probably won't happen.

Well good luck to Affliction in finding some new talent and maybe some old favorites, and to all of these fights in their upcoming bouts.