Favre-Less Vikings Will Finish 8-8

Adrian MossCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009

Hi, I’m reality have we met?

I’m going to use something called LOGIC in this article so if you don’t know what that is or don’t understand logic you may as well click the back button on your browser right now.

If the Vikings do not sign Brett Favre they will finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs. Yes I said it.

I’m not going to get super in-depth and nitpick every single game or player because I don’t have to. I’m going to give an overview of why I’m right and if you think differently why you’re wrong…

Every team in the NFC North EXCEPT for the Vikings has gotten better this off season. Yes I know the Vikings added Percy Harvin and maybe Brad Childress will get creative and run some of the Wildcat this year, but the Wildcat is nothing but a gimmick in the NFL. The Wildcat isn’t going to help when it’s 3rd and long.

Well, Harvin will be huge for the passing game right? FAIL. This would require the Vikings to have a quarterback who can complete the ball to a wide receiver. 

Undoubtedly someone will comment and say “Tarvaris Jackson showed huge improvement at the end of last season” so let’s address that now. T-Jack blows goats. This is not my opinion, this is fact. The majority of his passing yards except against the Cardinals who had mentally checked out went to the tight end and to the running backs. T-Jack can’t get a ball to a wideout to save his life. I have to say though T-Jack has gotten better at completing 3 yard passes on third and eight which I’m pretty sure still leaves the team 5 yards short of a first down.

If it’s third and long and it’s up to T-Jack to convert forget it. When it gets to be third and long I go to the fridge and grab another beer because I know fourth down is coming and after that commercials. Unless of course the Vikings awful kick coverage gives up a touchdown to the opposing teams return man and then we have an extra point kick before the commercials which gives me some extra time to drain my…oh you know.

Next through the power of logic I will convince you that Sage Rosenfels blows the same goats as T-Jack.

Sage Rosenfels is how old? 31

Wow, so he’s been in the league for some time now. What teams did he start for? Well, uhhh, he uhh, he’s been a backup for his entire career.

There is a reason this guy has been a backup his entire career. I dunno, perhaps he’s not that good. I’m sure glad that our fearless douchbag, I mean coach went out of his way to get Rosenfels AND gave him a two year deal. Has anyone seen Rosenfels’ contract? Is there a provision in there that he is replacing Ragnar? At least that way the Vikings could get some value for his services. I think Rosenfels could do a good job as our team mascot then he could as our starting quarterback. Seriously, he’s been working on securing a starting job in the NFL for 8 years and it hasn’t panned out, so maybe he’d have better luck as a mascot. 

People have made the argument that having a quarterback competition between these two will bring out the best in them. That’s great, sounds like a Hallmark movie. Unfortunately, their best isn’t good enough. If I take two midgets and have them play one on one basketball they will get better over time, but I’m pretty sure the better of the two isn’t taking out Lebron James.

There is not another team in the NFL that would even give either of these guys a shot at starting.

So why have I spent the last few paragraphs ragging on T-Jack and Rosenfels? Because YOU CANT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH quarterbacks like this. I know some of you are pulling up Google and trying to find a list of all the quarterbacks who have won championships but don’t. I’ll save you the time. There were some guys who won Super Bowls who weren’t great quarterbacks, but they were better then these clowns, and they made throws when they NEEDED to make throws. Neither T-Jack or Rosenfels can do that. 

Teams are going to continue to load guys in the box to stop Adrian Peterson and dare T-Jack and/or Rosenfels to beat them and they can’t do it. I realize Rosenfels hasn’t taken a snap with the Vikings but his “track record” is all I need to prove my point.. T-Jack has had the luxury of Peterson and still can’t complete a pass when it counts. This should tell you how awful this guy is. Could you imagine Tom Brady or Peyton Manning looking over their shoulder and seeing Adrian Peterson in the backfield? They’d orgasm in their pants. They’d beat up teams so bad the NFL would have to come up with a forfeit rule. 

I really hope I am wrong, but unless the Vikings get Favre I won’t be. If they don’t get Favre they should skip this year, fire Childress, and prepare for the 2010 off-season. They are going into the season with essentially the same team as last season in a division where every other team has improved except for them. Yes I know they get two “gimmie” games against the Lions right? FAIL. The worst team in the history of the NFL almost beat the Vikings twice this past year and they will win at least one game against the Vikings this coming season. 

Just to reiterate this has nothing to do with me being a bad fan. This is called reality and having the ability to take emotion out of things and look at them logically. 


PS - Can someone get Zigi Wilf Bill Cowher's number?