Oakland Raiders' Infulence On Pop Culture

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009

When N.W.A was at there highest peak creating music in the late 80's and early 90's they where a feared group by mainstream, N.W.A was banned from certain radio stations due to there graphic and explicit lyrics.

Yet this group was still able to sell over nine million records, and ranked 83rd of the Rolling Stones "100 greatest artist of all-time".

Gangster Rap was different then the good feeling music coming out of New York and the East coast during the 80's.

Gangster Rap represented California style during the early 90's, which talked about California street life, it was raw, un-cut, and appealing to so many kids from around the Untied States at the time, it was something that people hadn't seen before.

Producing tracks such as "Straight Outta Compton" and "[Sic] The Police".

N.W.A was known as "The Worlds Most Dangerous Group".

If you ever watched a N.W.A music video, Eazy-E, Ice Cube or Dr. Dre, the common theme in which this group repped was the Raiders.


N.W.A wore Raiders gear as if it was there logo, this today is a reason why the Raiders are associated with the Gangster image, that and being based in Oakland.

The color scheme of Sliver and Black, the team name, the logo, the pirate theme, the fan base and city in which they are located, Oakland, California makes without question one of the hardest franchises in all of pro sports.

Not everyone is suited to be a Oakland Raiders fan, as to the style of this team isn't one meant for a bandwagon fan. This isn't a team that follows trends, the Raiders create there own, in a era where teams in the NFL are forever changing there uniforms to create a new identities, the Raiders have kept the same jerseys with minor to small changes since Al Davis took over the franchise.

There is something different about the Raiders in which captures fans from out of the state of California, the one's who fall in love with the Raiders style are drawn in by many factors, wearing Raiders gear such as hats, jerseys, of jackets is a fashion trend.

It stands for being hard, being a rebel, and being "thugged out" as some would say. You see it in music videos, TV, all over pop culture.

There are Raiders fans all over the world, even non Raider fans wear Oakland gear, just to represent that California life-style.

If I was to compare it, it would be like myself a Bay Area, California native wearing a Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan throwback jersey.

I'm not from Chicago, nor I'm I a Bulls fan, but wearing that jersey brings me back to the 90's era, a fashion trend.

Just like when others wear Oakland Raiders gear, it represents what there trying to protray, the Raiders image.

For out of state Raiders fans, other then TV and the internet this is the only way they can feel apart of the Raiders. For the Raiders fans who live on the East coast and different parts of the United States, when they put on that Raiders gear they're repping the Bay Area, they're repping California, the Sliver and Black.

To truly understand, you have to be in Oakland on gamedays, walking through the parking lot, tailgating with fellow Raiders fans, only then will you see the true Raiders style, where not only are you a fan of the Raiders but you are apart of the action. A Real Raiders fan must attend the games. Although I can understand if you live out of state.

Like I said before, its not a bandwagon type of fan-base, Raiders fans have always been loyal to the Sliver and Black through the good times and the bad.

The next time you are watching TV or at the mall or and see someone with Raiders gear on, remember this article and remember what that Raiders gear stands for.


Check out this list of celebrities who are Oakland Raiders fans.

Some might surprise you:

Ice Cube, Larry King, Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks, George Lopez, Santana, James Garner, Anthony Anderson, Too Short, Metallica, Sway, Manny Ramierz, Jessica Alba, Keak Da Sneak, Dontrelle Willis, Jimmy Rollins, Eddie House, Yukmouth, Jeff Gordan, Richie Rich, Robery Horry, Dr. Dre, Mark Curry, Blackie, Slayer, John Gotti, Joe Morgan, Tommy Dealer..


Can you name any more?

As I wrap this article up, please check out this music video this is one of the best Raiders music videos I have seen, for real hip-hop heads,  it does a great job of showing Oakland on gameday.

Opio - Original Lyricist Official Video