Diva/Knockout Recap: Week of May 4

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009


Once again we were treated to another squash match for Awesome Kong, this time her opponent being Velvet Sky. I give Sky kudos for taking as many Implant Busters as she did. These matches are to continue making Kong look like a monster vying for her stolen title, and they work, especially for Kong.

This is going back to where TNA Knockouts were. The WWE sadly no longer push Beth Phoenix as a monster, so TNA will do it with their dominant heel instead. It's a wise move and brings up the wonderment of what champion Angelina Love will do in order to not only keep her title, but to simply survive Kong.



Shocking! We get a singles match! Maryse officially made her in ring debut against four-time Women's Champion Mickie James. The match was, of course much too short, but it served its purpose. The WWE is wise to establish Mickie as a force to be reckoned with, and now is most likely the No. 1 Contender.

She is the only, especially in the fans eyes, established face that's a viable contender. She and Maryse have some solid chemistry with each other, and brought out some strong amount of emotion in the match.

Although she lost, Maryse still managed to look strong in holding her own with Mickie. Hopefully this sets up a PPV match between the two and they get a good amount of time.


What goes up must go down. Thursday's show gave us more Santina unfortunately, as he/she teamed up with Kelly Kelly to take on Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes in her in-ring debut. Kelly Kelly was alright, but seems to have stopped at whatever ceiling she reached a few months ago in terms of skills.

Rosa was barely in the ring, so there isn't much to judge. Santina of course was an attempt at a comedic mess, but this whole comedy routine of Santino Marella has become played out. It's a bit disappointing to see Beth being involved in this, but perhaps it's aimed a some kind of face turn.

Whatever it is, as long as it leads to the end of Glamarella and Santina that will be great.


Another singles match this week for the Divas; this time it was Michelle McCool, with tagalong Alicia Fox taking on Gail Kim. The match was solid and botch-free and was a good showing from both. Michelle was able to slow down the much more agile Gail, using some good submission techniques in the process.

Gail pretty much used her whole body in offense and continued using her impressive aerial prowess. The attempted Frankensteiner into the Styles Clash..oops I mean Faithbreaker was the first time the finisher actually looked good because of the flow of the two moves.

However, both of these Divas are lacking in the charisma and personality department. This has always been Michelle's fatal flaw and now it's Gail's. Her debut hasn't been anything much to appreciate and I get the feeling we're watching a burial/punishment for being a part of TNA in process.

Most likely Michelle is now the No. 1 contender, or will at least get the first match against a yet to debut Women's Champion Melina. It's understandable, but the small interaction Melina and Gail had with each other made it look like the two would have a very fun and entertaining match.

We were also treated to the continuance of the feud between the tow Diva Search winners, Eve and Layla. This time the two had an arm wrestling match, hosted by Cryme Tyme. Layla was the uber-heel, complete with her elbow bandaged and feigning injury during the contest.

She had some great facial expressions throughout the contest. She continued being the sore loser, this time delivering a solid and vicious neckbreaker.

Although these are a bit of a waste of time, it's nice to see the WWE have a low card feud with a few of the Divas, keeping them out of random wrestling matches and in solidly entertaining segments.

Side note: I wish the WWE would capitalize more on these two being winners one after the other.

This was a very solid week in general for both the Divas and the Knockouts. Finally there's anticipation for the next week.