The Great Philadelphia Debate: Do We Really Know More Than Managment?

Shady BotrosAnalyst IMay 9, 2009

This is a debate that I would like Philly fans to take part of this debate, this debate was brought up in Angelo Cataldi and Glen Macnow’s book The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate.  In case you haven’t heard, ESPN radio’s Colin Cowherd took a shot at Philadelphia fans, on his show The Herd, he is interviewed by 950 ESPN radio’s Mike Missanelli. Click on the link below in case you haven’t heard.

I believe that in a lot of cases fans do know more than management, in the 1995 NFL draft, Mike Mamula, a projected 2nd or 3rd round pick had great work outs and shot his way up the board. Mamula out of Boston College was picked 7thoverall.

They passed up on Warren Sapp who put together a great career with the Bucs and the Raiders. After the pick Jeffrey Lurie said that it was nice to have a fellow New Englander on the team.

In the 2007 offseason, the fans had been requesting that the Eagles go after Randy Moss who was available; give Donovan a true receiver who would give him the luxury he missed after T.O left the team. The Eagles ended up finishing 2nd in the Randy Moss sweepstakes, and simply were not aggressive.

In 2001 the Eagles drafted Freddie Mitchell when Reggie Wayne was on the board; Wayne ends up being the Colts number one receiver and goes to the Pro Bowl, who knows where Freddie Mitchell is now.

Then comes the play calling, Andy Reid is the most pass oriented coach in the history of the NFL, Reid refuses to run the ball except on 1st down and short yardage 4th down situations.

McNabb threw the ball 58 times against the Bengals, talk about predictability. Or when the Eagles played at Chicago, the Eagles were inside the ten, they run the ball four straight times and could not score.

Now sure Philly fans can appear to be classless sometimes; when Michael Irvin went down and everybody cheered, or when McNabb was drafted. But Philly fans watch every game every week, and are knowledgeable.

Ask them who was the QB before Donovan, or who was the coach in their 1980-81 Super Bowl run. I want all people to participate in this debate; I want some opinions from the Philly fans and some outsiders.