Wedding Proposal Breaks Out During Awesome 'The Sandlot' Reunion

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 22, 2013

Photo Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune
Photo Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

Squints, Hamilton Porter and a wedding proposal from the movie's director: The amount of awesome and nostalgia in this story is almost too much to handle. 

Bill Oram of The Salt Lake Tribune (h/t Barry Petchesky of Deadspin) reports the cast of the movie "The Sandlot" reunited at the same field the movie was shot, leading to an unforgettable moment for director David Mickey Evans, who asked his girlfriend to marry him. 

"At a 20th anniversary celebration on the original filming site in Glendale, director David Mickey Evans, proposed to his girlfriend, Hollywood location manager Stacey McGillis."

The movie that once had kids saying "for-ev-er" as they dreamed of having a sandlot of their own turns 20, which is a perfect time for you to freak out and wonder where the time went. 

As it were, it also happened to be the time and place for Evans to take a giant leap forward in his own relationship. 

While we certainly congratulate the director, this story is really just our chance to geek out and reminisce about a movie that showed us how to properly drop a buddy on the other side of a fence to fetch a baseball. 

And if satisfying your inner-movie nerd is your thing, take a gander at the piece from Bleacher Report's Matt King, who collected some of the best aspects of the hit movie. 

Fans of the film aren't the only ones who are feeling nostalgic, because the cast decided to head down to the Glendale spot the baseball parts were filmed. 

The Salt Lake Tribune has a photo gallery showing actors Patrick Renna (Ham Porter), Chauncey Leopardi (Squints Palledorous), Marty York (Yeah-Yeah McClennan) and Victor DiMattia (Timmy Timmons) hanging out with kids and posing for pictures. 

Even the police chief was there to deliver his famous line. 

The local Salt Lake Bees were in attendance, giving a baseball clinic to kids who were delighted with lessons and Hollywood cameos. 

Renna remarked on how well the entire reunion went over with fans in the area: "I don’t think any of us, when we were playing basically on this field 21 years ago could have every know [sic] there would be 1,500 people here to watch us play baseball."

Even film commission director Marshall Moore was astonished at the outpouring from fans, who wanted to catch a glimpse of the actors taking the field once again. 

It's not shocking if you grew up watching this movie. With a healthy balance of highly quotable lines and ridiculous hijinx, it's a movie that mandates that you waste the entire afternoon watching it whenever it comes on TV. 

Now, if only they could have convinced Mike Vitar to show up and get in a town-wide pickle or have Renna give advice on proper smores preparation, now that would have been something. 


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