The 18 Most Epic Mascot Stunts

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The 18 Most Epic Mascot Stunts
Source: YouTube

What are mascots good for?

Unless you're five, they're not really that funny. They're not really entertaining. Mostly, they are annoying.

The truth is, we don't really notice mascots unless they do something like this.

Mascot stunts can be awesome when they go well. Seeing a person dressed in a sweltering fur or inflatable costume execute an epic trick shot or dunk is cool. Seeing a parade of mascots engage in an impromptu dance-off in the midst of a Korean baseball game is even cooler.

But when mascots stunts go wrong? That is when things get truly interesting.

Where else besides a basketball or football game would you see a giant furry creature catch on fire? Or fall through a basketball hoop? Or bounce down several flights of stairs on roller blades, then trip while trying to get up?

The hidden joys of sports. There's nothing like them.

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